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  1. Thanks Broncovet, I've been on various meds for my PTSD prescribed by my private Psychiatrist. I guess I have to go and deal with the VA again and present those medications and my record. I fear them screwing me over ......and having to deal with the stress of dealing with people that have no idea what we've been through will cause even more stress to my health.
  2. Good afternoon all, Can someone provide me with the steps to pursue my PTSD Claim? I have been diagnosed and have documentation from a non VA provider but understanding that I need the diagnosis from a VA Physician. I need to know to whom and where to start the process and what form(s) to submit. Currently, I have rated with Dysthmia and not sure how a PTSD claim will affect my current rating of 30%. Please help! Big Country
  3. Congratulations Senior Chief, Happy New Year! I just contributed to HADIT.com as well....let's keep this forum flying high at all times. God Bless you and your family! Big Country
  4. Slick, I'm going through the same scenario, I had an effective date of 31 July 2015. DFAS completed their CDRP audit in early November and no retro pay received. They owe retro pay for 3 months which equates to over $3K in addition to my normal monthly amount which should be included in my 1 Jan pay. Not sure what going as I received the exact feedback from the VA. I will try the number Buck52 provided and see what happens. Please keep me posted and I will do the same. Big Country
  5. Fellow Veterans, Question: Which is more solid? PTSD is secondary to Dysthymic Disorder or Dysthymic Disorder is Secondary to PTSD? What's the significant value of the term "Secondary" in regards to your rating? I'm looking for the terminology for my Nexus Letter. Please help! Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Big Country
  6. Seejeremy, Thanks for the information! I stumbled upon this prior to reading your post and sent my application in about 3 weeks ago. Let's see what happens. I'm 100% P&T. I think this benefit is not advertised very much on this blog as I assume many Veterans do not have student loans. By the way go Navy and Roll Tide! I'm from Birmingham, AL.
  7. Pete 992 and Green I did not file a NOD for the denied Rating back in 2011. My question is are the 2011 denial and the 2015 new ratings the same illnesses? If so, I should be entitled to back pay from 2011. Regarding the Radicular group I'm confused as well.
  8. Thanks for the very thorough information USMC Vet and Gastone. Gastone to answer your question, my psychiatrist diagnosed me a year ago. I didn't want to bring any negative attention to myself to I didn't pursue the claim. I indeed have 1 Mental Health Condition - Dysthymic Discorder - 30%. I'm 100 Combined P&T as I got an increase from 90 to 100% after my 5 year exam mark. I guess the next one would be at the 9 year mark. Gastone: I am receiving SMC for loss of organ use. USMC Vet: How do you send the information Secure Message? I sent my documented records via E Benefits. Is this okay? Can you please provide me with a link if available? Awaiting your response. Big Country
  9. Here's my situation: I was denied for right and left leg radiculopathy also claimed as sciatia in June 2011 initial claim February 2011. After VA re-evaluation October 2015 with an effective date of 31 July 15, I became 100% P& T and rated for: 1. Radiculopathy in the lower radicular group in the left upper side -40% 2. Radiculopathy in the lower radicular group on the right upper side - 30%. Question: I'm I entitled to back pay for the 40% and 30%? Are the 2011 denial claim and 2015 diagnosis the same? I appreciate any feedback.
  10. Thank Pete 992! Great information....spot on. You and vync provided great clarity. I now understand that 100% P&T Trumps TDIU due to the fact that under TDIU benefits can be reduced.
  11. Vync thanks a million the information has provided me clarification. Roll Tide!
  12. Thanks T-Bird! I tell you HADIT.com is the best resource to help Veterans. I will make sure I contribute yearly to the cause. By the way Go Navy.
  13. Question: Can a Doctor provide a statement intended for a nexus letter to link that links PTSD, Sleep Apnea and Dysthmic Disorder? If so, does anyone have an example they would like to share? Thanks Big Country
  14. Crazy Question: If you are 100% Permanent and Total, are you then TDIU?
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