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    Art: I have a dx of Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy, it took EMGs (many) Nerve Conduction tests (many) and some DNA testing on my nerves to get the dx....This happened over a couple of years and I saw many different Neuro Dr's, Multiple Sclerosis Dr's, and Rheumatologists during the process. Problem for me is that I have several other injuries that have also contributed to my overall nerve damage, TBI, Spinal Cord Injury, whiplash ect..... I have loss of feelings in my hands, feet, arms, legs, tingling in almost all of the same areas, pain, muscle spasms, contractions, involuntary movements, muscle atrophy, and anytime I sleep for more than an hour or so my hands "draw-up" and look as though I have Rheumatoid Arthritis.... In the SC write-up from the VA there are many possible causes listed including "Environmental Hazards" and I had a letter in my medical records confirming that I was in a Chemically Contaminated area during Desert Storm. My advice is to keep on your Doctor for referrals, ask for EMGs and Nerve Conduction tests, and keep a note pad (diary) with of problems/smytoms... Best of Luck, Nick
  2. Wondering if anyone else has a morphine/pain medication pump installed? If so how is it working, and what would you have done differently? Thanks, Nick

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