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    Award Letter Received...confused

    Papa, I'll try to explain this and I think when done, you'll be able to understand. I was somewhat perplexed, not unlike yourself, when I received my first check. My confusion was for the same reason as yours. However, after reading this letter a few times, the light bulb finally went on, to borrow the famous analogy. "Your payment begins the first day of the month following your effective date. You will received a payment covering the intial amount due under this award, minus any withholdings, in approximately 15 days. Payments will then be made at the begining of each month for the prior month. For example, benefits due for May are paid on or about June 1." This can be confusing as Hell. Your effective date is July, and payment, as stated above, will begin in August, the first day of the month. Your confusion, as it appears to me is that you believe you should be paid for July also, inasmuch as this is listed as the effective date. However, such is not the case. If you would have received your first payment in September, instead of August,you would have a legitimate claim for Sep and Aug, because payment was scheduled to begin in August, first month after the effective date. So, in essence, you have to think of July as merely a date for establishing all further payments and that July itself is not a month in which you will be paid for. Still confusing, I'm aware, but I hope this helps somewhat anyway.

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