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  1. Hello everyone. I am currently rated at 90% with my highest rating at 60%. I have crohns disease, several blown disks, and avascular necrosis of both hips. I am considering filing for IU but I dont know if I can afford it. I am really killing my self by going to work everyday but I dont know what to do. I take injections to knock out my immune system and I work as a respiratory therapist. I also work 12 hour shifts which kill my hips. I need bilateral joint replacements. I am 31 years old have 3 kids and have a lot of monthly payments. Despite the pain and agony I have to drag my ass to work to make ends meet. As my disibilities are worsening I must consider IU. My questions. -Can I file for IU despite the fact that I am currently working? There is no way I can quit or be without income for 6 months first. -If I did receive IU would I qualify for SSD? What is an average monthly payment? -I make 55K + my 90% now. If I went to 100% TDIU I would take a huge pay cut! - How hard is it to be IU P&T? this would save me $450 a month in county taxes and would off set the pay cut. Im having a hard time with this....
  2. I know how this comes across. If im disabled then I should lower my standard of living and quit complaining. I completely understand that. However Im in a bit of a bind. I am rated at 90% right now for several herniations in my back, and bilateral Avascular Necrosis, and Crohns disease. I can no longer work I am virtually killing myself. I take medication to knock out my immune syatem yet Im a Respiratory therapist! I am very high risk for disease. Here are my questions If I file IU I will take a pay cut from 55K to 10 K a year plus lose a matching 401K plan. I dont know that I can support my faimily of 4 with this pay cut. What kind of SS benifits would I quilify for to supplement this income? Also is it hard to get 100% IU P+T. This would reduce my taxes by $450 a month this would be a great savings. Thank you for your help.
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