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  1. I have been a member of hadit.com for awhile but have never posted until now... I am currently rated 30% SC for asthma, major depression, and for my foot. I have had issues at work (federal service) which have caused me extreme stress and I became suicidal, even calling the hotline from work! I was recently hospitalized in April for four days for depression and SI. Most recently I was admitted again for depression and SI for 14 days. Here is where my confusion begins... I have been advanced leave from my job up throughout May. I was accepted into a MST program in Houston,TX and I'm expected to report there the 2nd week of June. The discharge paperwork I was given states the following: AXIS I: PTSD, related to childhood and MST Depression NOS Marijuana use Tobacco use disorder AXIS II: Personality disorder AXIS III: Migranes, bronchial asthma AXIS IV: sexual, physical, emotional abuse, chronic AXIS V: Global Assessment of functioning: year 51, admit 35, 41. it then goes on listing my discharge meds, dietary and physical limitations (regular-no alcohol and as tolerated) and then under #6, there is OTHER. Under this, it states: "Not capable of employment. Able to manage funds." What exactly does that mean??? Am I not to return to work and if not, do I need to apply for some type of benefit? My employer will not let me return to work without documentation and all that I have (discharge paperwork) says that I'm not capable of employment! Please any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I don't know what I should do! Thanks in advance fellow vets!
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