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  1. Anyone have a ballpark estimate on the amount of time it takes to get awarded a non service connected disability pension? I'm disabled according to Social Security and get SSI payments. I've got periphereal arterial disease. I've sent in all the medical records they asked for (sent them certified mail/return receipt). I know the amount of time varies-just looking for some time estimates to keep my hopes up. It sucks trying to get by on SSI. Thanks for any help. Ron
  2. Guess I'll have to go down to the local SS office and see what they can screw up this time. I went there once to get my payments increased and ended up losing money. It took 2 more visits for them to find their mistakes and correct it. :o
  3. SSI won't totally cancell out a VA Pension from what I"ve read so far. If I"m entitled to $985.00 from the VA, SSI won"t count the 1st $85.00, and then divides the balance of $900.00=$450.00. They deduct that from the $674.00=$224.00. So between the two I"ll get $985.00 VA, and $224.00 SSI= $1209.00 to survive on a month. Could be worse off, I know others are. I"m just wondering if the VA sends me a retroactive payment for the months I waited for my claim to be approved-let"s say 6 months- $985.00x6=$5910.00 what happens to the monthly SSI check I receive? Do they prorate the retro payment or just deduct so much more from my future SSI checks?
  4. Hi everyone! I'm currently receiving SSI for peripheral arterial disease, couldn't get SSDI-not enough current work credits. I"ve applied for a VA Pension-non service connected disability. Just wondering what happens with SSI when the VA sends me a lump sum payment. I know the money will be counted as income, but do they adjust my SSI monthly check by a certain amount for a certain length of time? Thanks for any help. Ron :o
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