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  1. I have been working on my disability claim for quite some time. I filed for disability in 1985 and was denied. At that time I had gotten copies of every record I could think of, both in service and from civilian doctors, had copies made and copies were kept at county vet center. I also had a set of all copies. The VSO sent copies of all of my records with the original claim. Form in records even states this fact. My claim was for headaches, back and neck pain, sinusitis and chronic bronchitis. Everything I applied for was denied, they said I had headaches and sinusitis before I went into military. I had hormone headahces and colds before military, but have dealt with weekly migraines and have had to use nose spray, antihistimines and decongestions everyday since miltary service. Had never used any of these prior to military. VSO I was working with had me appeal and we requested copies of their decision. I dropped the ball and so did the VSO. Records at county office now show he got all of the copies, but he was dealing with issues at the time. I was told everything had to have been turned over to me, because they no longer had any of the records. The VSO I had worked with was no longer there and during a move, many of their records were misplaced or destroyed, but they could find none of my records. A house fire destroyed my copies, so I was depending on the copies the county vet center had. I contacted VA and asked for of copy of my complete vet record again. Fast forward to 1999, still hearing nothing from the VA, request for a copy of all medical records were done again, both through the medical side and through the regional office for the copy of my original claim. No response except records not found. This process repeated itself three more times, then I order these records online. They came back saying they requested them from regional office. I waited another year, then I physically drove to the regional office in 2008, sat and waited for over two hours and tried to explain my situation, asking for copies of my records. They were a little short with me and said I should have just sent in a request, but I handed them the copy of the letter showing they had been asked for my records a year before, so they said they would rewrite the request. It took 8 months, but I finally got them.......Problem being, none of the records that were originally sent to them are in the folder. The files that was sent was nearly two inches thick, the records they have are hit and miss, smatterings of in service records. None from basic training, where I ended up with pneumonia and my lung problems started, nothing from my first duty station, where I had to go to neurologists because of headaches and dizziness, and the first record shows months into my second duty assignment where doctor requested I be crossed trained before it took its toll mentally and physically on me. None of my records are complete, big gaps and none of the neurological records are even in there. All of the records just show I went into sick call a lot with nausea and vomitting and they just said flu-like symptoms. I am frustrated because the records were all there for all of the stuff I had gone through, my problems with migraines and chemical sensitivity, plus a rape and abortion. It is like everything has been purged. I wish my memory could be purged the same way! We have already gone through entire process, there are no copies of any more medical records to be found anywhere. Civilian doctors I saw when I got out 35 years ago no longer have any records. Both of my main doctors have passed away. New VSO said to get letters from friends and family who could verify my changes in personality and behavior before military and during military, etc. No one can verify rape because that was not something I talked about. I did not want to remember it or talk about it anymore then, than I do now. No one is exactly sure how to write these statements up and we can't seem to find any guidelines anywhere. This whole thing is being reopened, plus a new claim being sent in because I have been seeing counselors at the VA for the past few years for the MST and PTSD and they wanted to know why I had not filed a claim. I have working on the stressor letter (which ends up being even more of a stressor). How would I get copies of any records that may have been at the squadron office? My first shirt new about the abortion, he had to authorize me to leave for it. How do I get copies of my performance reports, as they went downhill fast? I asked for my personnel records through the site online, but only got my dd214. Sorry if I am rambling, but I am so frustrated about my missing records, not sure if any of this is even worth it without them.
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