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  1. I'm just wondering why they did not ask me about my migraines and sleep apnea?? I am still on active duty maybe thats why...I went through the BDD program
  2. It was definately weird and rushed, I have a claim for: Sleep apnea w/ CPAP Migraines Left elbow tendonitis Right elbow surgery-tendontitsand radial tunnel release Left hip surgery- arthroscopy and osteotomy left bicep tendonitis gerd thoracic disk protrusion DDD Allergies diviated septum All the C&P doctor really touched on was the ROM for my joint issues. He did not ask me about the sleep apnea, migraines, gerd, or allergies only my joint problems. Is that strange? I know everything is documented well in my MSR so maybe they dont need to ask about it?? Or is it a QTC thing ? Do you think that I will recieve something for it ? They make you fill out this really long questionare about every issue. Thanks for your help
  3. for the end of June here in San Antonio....I decided to look up QTC and there is not alot people who have had a good experience with them. I'm not to sure why but I'm am going through the BDD program so everything I'm claiming is still going on. How was everyones experience with them? What to expect? I have a few joint issue ie elbow, hip, back and some people say they did even get a ROM test. Thanks!
  4. Sapper, if you dont mind me asking how did your tinnitus C&P go? I will have to go to one soon. Thank you
  5. JustPLS, what did they ask you specifically for tinnitus at the C&P exam? Thank you very much for your help!
  6. So by having it documented in my medical record is not good enough? what do I need to be specific about? How do they consider it recurrent? I work in a pretty noisy enviroment( MRI department) There is a constant noise from the machines. thanks again!
  7. Hello, I am active duty and I work in a pretty loud enviroment and had ssome loud trauma to my ears. I have had a hearing test that came back pretty good and been seen by ENT I do have recurrent tinnitus it comes and goes for that last several months and it is documented in my medical record. I get out in 10 months what should I expect for the C&P exam? Would I get rated for this? Thanks!!
  8. Has this ever happened? An active duty member diagnosed with sleep apnea andprescribed a CPAP machine while on active duty. Then the VA not compensate them for it when they get out? Just curious Thanks
  9. It kinda makes me wonder if that has ever happen to anyone though....
  10. Thanks, I am stressing myself out because I just want to make sure i have everything covered if i do decide to get out. Thanks for your help again!
  11. Interesting....then it is possible that I might not get disability for it then if it comes back negative for it. I was told a couple times once you get prescribed a CPAP machine its basically a guarenteed 50 %.
  12. If you were diagnosed with sleep apnea and prescribed a CPAP machine on active duty, when you get out does the VA make you take another sleep study test? to make sure you still have sleep apnea? thanks!
  13. Is anyone rated for migraines? What is the frequency of them? And what do they want to know for your exam? Should I be writing them down on a calander? Thanks!
  14. what exactly is th BBD program? Well my doc wants to start me on high blood pressure meds. I had surgery on my tendon in my elbow and i still have pain and issues still, is this a percentage claim? I also have a couple buldging disks and degenerate disk disease, is a claim as well? thanks again!
  15. Thank you, keep reading stories where you have to prove the military cause your condition. I don't know if I'm gonna stay in or get out. Or even if they will let me re-up...
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