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  1. The Army is backed up with thousands of cases what ever excuse they give it is what it is. The army finally just completed my TDRL 6 months short of my drop off date with a perm -retirement 90% No they have not reduced my CRSC from what I know nothing can be changed until the final determination from the board. Make sure you make all VA appointments and comply with medications. Anytime your not well or feel sick or feel you need a test go and get one done. Keep up with your yearly testing on your own with the VA and private doctors. Be proactive on your own case and keep documents. Anything new medically comes as a result of your injuries make sure its also treated and documented for later submission to the board. Gip
  2. oldschoolz

    Tdrl - Can I Terminate Sbp Plan ?

    I was forced into SBP plan almost 5 years ago when I was placed on the TDRL list I am being evaluated at the end of my TDRL DFAS sent me a bill for SBP plan. Because I am going to be retired formally from the Army does this mean I can submit my request for termination to DFAS >? Thanks
  3. I am almost at the end of my 5 years being on TDRL and they are now getting around to doing my final medical evaluations. My concerns are that I have stabilized due to medications that I have received from the VA and without them my conditions would be more severe. My reevaluations will show of course this progress. I was asked a year ago when TDRL attempted a botched medical attempt that a VA doctor called and said that he wanted me to stop my medications for 48 hours so they could evaluate me? I replied I am on medications for TBI , Migraines, balance disorder and seizures, PTSD and I am also a single parent this would not be the preferred method. I am sure we all know that medication only last for so long and it also causes other organ damage in the long run. Does the TDRL results affect the VA pension & CRSC anyone have major issues upon reevaluation? Should I look for an attorney just in case cause I know the Army screws everything up.
  4. oldschoolz

    Tbi And Balance


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