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  1. nsallies

    Final Authorization

    oh ok..this is my first house bought in 09.
  2. nsallies

    Final Authorization

    Thank you all very much! I saved part of the check for rainy days and paid off 1/5 of my house with the rest. Anyone had experience with VA refinancing? I have a regular FHA 30 year fixed now, looking to refi w/ VA loan for 15.
  3. nsallies

    Final Authorization

    I got up this morning and checked my account..I GOT IT! Havent got the letter but the direct deposit hit !!
  4. nsallies

    Final Authorization

    Thanks, I know. Its just things seem to finally be going my way so something bad must be going to happen or something..
  5. "That's because it is pending authorization for 2 issues which were granted. The SOC will come out with the two grants" I got this from my DAV rep, 2 days ago I sent NOD for SC migraines to increase and TDIU. Was decided on 23Nov10. 17 days and waiting..Im on pins and needles! The VA said 10-40 days is the average time for final authorization. Im hoping so.
  6. nsallies

    Decision Made

    Called VA, they said they sent a SOC on 24Nov10 both to my DAV rep and to me. I havent received it so they are resending it. Is this the same as an award letter?
  7. nsallies

    Decision Made

    13 days since decision 17 more to go til authorization is final. The days are dragging by. Does 30 days sound about right for final authorization?
  8. nsallies

    Decision Made

    Your appeal is in authorization and we are just waiting for it to complete. I got this email from my DAV rep on friday, this is good news right?
  9. nsallies

    Decision Made

    They said 80% which is the same. Ive waited 27 months so I guess 30 days more wont hurt. Ill just be really relieved when its all over. No more C&P exams, having to call the DAV to get stuff done ect. Ill just be happy to get the check every month and have little or no contact with the VA for the rest of my life...We've been living on 1600 per month or less for a very long time so the extra money will really come in handy although I dont really plan on changing my spending habits.
  10. nsallies

    Decision Made

    I called but they say they wont know anything for 10-30 days while the decision and retro(if any) is being authorized. Gonna be a long 10-30 days..
  11. nsallies

    Decision Made

    I received a Ch35 info booklet and application for benefits in the mail today. I wonder if that is a good sign?
  12. nsallies

    Phantom Debt

    I was lucky, very lucky. If I could give advise to other Veterans it would be "KEEP ALL PAPERWORK SENT AND RECEIVED WHEN DEALING WITH THE VA" if you dont have the paperwork, it didnt happen or it wasnt done! I emptied out the rubbermade container and now it is my file for all paperwork dealing with VA issues (in chronological order).
  13. nsallies

    Decision Made

    I talked on telephone with VA they said my NOD was decided 23nov10 and is at the final stages of authorization an estimated 10-40 days before I hear anything. Is this about right or does the left hand not know what the right hand is doing at the VA...again?
  14. nsallies

    Decision Made

    I got the email the day before thanksgiving and I called the VA the day after thanksgiving. I hope everything gets through the authorization process without any problems Naturually Im kinda worried about that. I tried the 1800# Monday and today to see If I could get any info but the call center is too busy. It says to try later.

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