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  1. Lorraine here. Gorgeous weather in the Pacific Northwest and I've been laid up with unknown cause with night time fever and sweats. Docs don't know why. Spring fever?? Hope this finds the rest of you perking up with nicer weather and maybe giving the VA folks more energy to get those claims settled.
  2. Lorraine back on after a couple of months of my dinosaur computer crashing! Now I'm totally LOST with Windows 8.1, but trying! Am anxious to dig into all of the updates on everyone. Carlie - so sorry to hear about your health issues, sounds very serious and you are going to be worn out for months to come. It's always so great to hear when Vets get those big claims, but we tend to forget that it's because their health has been massively compromised and that it's not so easy to come back from a setback like this. My AF retired Vet is still hanging in there and I guess he finally believes those disability checks will keep on coming in. Replaced his worn out old Jeep Cherokee and got a used SUV that he thinks will last him the rest of his days. Tried to get him to spring for a NEW one, but no way. We had a couple of nice days in the Pacific northwest(IN THE 80'S !!) , but are now back to our usual rain, but just happy to still be kicking. Stay well everybody, best of luck with your claims.
  3. Finally here - gone most of the Summer, mostly had no internet, Then computer and health problems when we got home.. Grateful for hadit every month when that disability check shows up on the bank statement - wouldn't be there without your help and guidance. Lots of medical expenses as of late, so it really helps out. Best wishes to all of you still waiting on hearing some good news. November already? I'm so not ready for the upcoming Holidays!
  4. Lorraine

    May Roll Call

    Lorraine here. My Vet's feeling better, the SUN is shining and very welcome here in the Seattle area. Down kicking cobwebs off the boat and getting ready to think about taking her out. I'm reading and watching for those claims to be decided in your favor for all of you deserving Vets.
  5. Late with checking in. My Vet having problems with his "ticker" again-had the 2 day nuclear stress test again last week and then wore a Holter monitor for 24 hrs. Haven't gotten any results yet. We've been thru it all so many times before. We're both feeling kinda "down". He never gets GOOD news! Has been 9 yrs since his second CABG so, on an intellectual level, we know he's going to start having more problems, but it's still a kick in the gut when it happens. Lorraine
  6. Lorraine here, always reading and learning.
  7. Lorraine here again - meant to add that victims who did report were probably not BELIEVED! Sorry, I got a little heated on this topic.
  8. I'm going to try to be respectful to the General because there does appear to be an element of sincerity in his statements. With that said, I am pondering why it is that he thinks no victims of sexual assaults reported the assault to a superior? There are probalby victims right here on Hadit who DID report and got victimized again but were either not being, or threated with who knows what all if they were thinking about taking the complaint further. There's definitely a culture of a victim not feeling safe about reporting,(and justly so!) but the issue of those in command who don't protect victims is an even larger problem. He can't possibly be that naive to be so unaware of the bigger picture! It just sounds like more "lip-service" and no action. arrrggghhh! Lorraine
  9. Happy New Year! Hope you all enjoy good health and success with your claims. Lorraine
  10. Can you hear me singing? "Happy Days are here again". Soooo happy for you. Stay as healthy as you can and ENJOY! Thank you for your service and sacrifice. May you have many more Merry Christmases. Lorraine
  11. Lorraine half here.... Just a tad bit frazzled with Christmas knocking on my door and me not ready, as per usual. Wishing you all Happy Holidays, good health and may you all have speedy and positive results on your pending claims.
  12. Here and feeling mighty lucky to be high and dry here in the Pacific Northwest. I'm going to quit my bitchin about the rain - big deal! My heart's aching for all of the folks affected by SANDY and hoping she by-passed our hadit members. Drove about a hundred miles round trip to have dinner out yesterday with the Vet who advised my husband to file an AO claim. He's having a rough time, neuropathy is so bad that he's falling regularly and the 911 troops now know him by his first name. We'll be forever grateful to him and will try to get him and his wife out whenever we can make it. Lorraine
  13. Hi Kray My husband is 70% AO for IHD, DMtype 2,PAD, ED. He put in a claim for hypertension along with his initial claim(also dx'd after the IHD like you) and although his BP readings would have qualified him for further compensation, AO is not presumptive for hypertension and since there was no other SC nexus, he was denied. I asked both his cardiologist and his internist if, in their opinion, his hypertension was related to his IHD and they both said no. Here's keeping our fingers crossed that you get a different ruling. Lorraine
  14. Congratulations on your success - it's always nice to share good news here on Hadit to help keep up the spirits of those who are still awaiting decisions. Lorraine
  15. Snookster, Welcome to Hadit. Sounds like you've already done a lot of work on your journey with filing a claim. If you run into any glitches, have questions, there are lots of knowledgeable people here to help you. Best of luck with your claim and thank you for your service. Lorraine
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