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  1. that would be super ..got the statement of case today ..it ended with the statement .....this is considered to be a partial grant of all benefits sought on appeal with regard to this issue ,and the appeal as to this issue will therefore continue .....WHAT does that mean ? do I file a NOD of is this still on going ??
  2. My vso e-mailed me today . Said that they awarded me 30 percent each hip . He said it is partially good news . But the award is the minimum rating for hip replacement . I am glad they came through with an award but am disappointed by the low ball . He said the paperwork might take another month to get to me and we would do an appeal then , after seeing what they based it on ,
  3. Had the ratings c-p today . Very strange exam . I asked about the previous ones and why they final rating never included the hip replacements . She said it was part of the record and said she was not sure why . She then asked what had changed since the last c-p exam 4 years ago . Other than getting another hip replaced and in total I told her I had two hip replacements . She wanted to know two on the same side or one each leg . I told her one each leg and the dates . She asked me to state my limitations and pain level and or hip popping . Then she had me lie down on the table and checked range of motion but did not measure anything just told me to tell her where it hurt as she moved my leg out to the side . I got up and she wanted to know if I had anything to add . I told her this was the fastest I had ever had a c- p exam . She said she was doing just a rating exam . That she would write it up and send it along the chain where someone else would do the final rating . I asked her about a separate rating for once you had a replacement done as opposed to just the rating for range of motion . She said it would be noted and passed along . I did say the rating was missed previously and it takes about two years inbetween just to get the mistake heard by the va . And if they did it again my next step would be. A 3 year wait in BVA . So I am concerned but I guess the wait is back on
  4. V.A has called twice already to remind me about my c-p exam tomorrow
  5. Thanks I was not sure if it was within my right to ask right away what they were checking and what the rating would be . It seems they ignore the obvious. It would seem simple , they verify the two replacements and I am done . But if they start range of motion I would get worried
  6. Good luck on your test . I just thought of a valid question. Last c- p exam they completely ignored the minimum rating for a hip replacement. They rated soley off of the range of motion for the hip guide . During the exam next week how do I make sure that does not happen again . I mean the minimum rating for a replacement is 30 percent. Yet they awarded 10 percent only . Based off range of motion . If during the exam they start doing range of motion do I assume I am going to get screwed or can I just ask how they are going to rate the twin replacements
  7. Got a call from comp and pen . I have a c- p exam for the hips on February 25 th . So should not be much longer now .
  8. thanks ,, learn to live with it ...v.a is very slow ....thank you for your service ..at the end of the day only thing the vets have is each other . so thanks again
  9. quick update ... my service rep . sent a letter to the Hartford varo .saying as of this date we have received no updates on the appeal. and there is no indication in the vbms that an EP has been established to monitor the progress of this appeal either... so still we wait .
  10. sorry two metal hips per reg should = x
  11. thanks , just got an e-mail from my vso ,,,he said the close out date was sept 2014 .and he expects to hear a decision by January ..so that is in line with what you have said....I do WORRY that yet again the v.a will play dumb to shuff it off to the b.v.a again ....to me it seems cut and dry ...two make hips per reg = x ..but they have completely ignored that in the past...
  12. short update ..my vso had said my appeal had a close out date of september . yet still nothing has moved .....e-benifits still says last action taken was the notice of dissagreement . january 2014 .
  13. ha , thanks :) although it would not surprise me
  14. ok , so got an e-mail from my vso . he said the vbms said my claim has a suspense date of September . not sure exactly what that means .I do worry that after years in bva , then winning at the bva. followed by a crappy rating .that the result will be a denial on the rating and back to bva for another 6 years.
  15. haven`t checked in ,in awhile . just want to give an update . I had won the bva decision but they gave me zero for one hip replacement and 10 percent for the other ..filed the n.o.d to regional v.a in January ..just got a letter yesterday saying that they received my claim and that I had elected a d.r.o to look at the claim ..un -real almost 7 months just to respond .but that is were I am at ..per the v.a reg .it should be at least 30 percent for the hip replacement . but they did not us that reg last time ..they used a range of motion section ..so we shall see ..thanks everyone for your support and help

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