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  1. for some reason i have been getting emails for new contents....how do i stop the emails...... thank you ...... oldsol423
  2. Is the COLA suppose to be on our December check? or January 1 check?
  3. Thanks for the information of VA Benefits for a deceased spouse... As for my financial situation:::: I (am not) in dire need of any financial help, but please accect my heart felt appreciation for the offers .
  4. I am writing this with a very heavy heart... On June 21 I came home and found my wife dead on the floor... She had a lot of health problems over the past 3 years, but it was still a severe shock to me....38 years is a long time to be with someone. I truly know she was one of Gods Angles sent to me in 1969. I am rated 90% with IU. Permanent and Total with no future exams. The Champs insurance, and Meds by Mail was a true financial blessing over the past 3 years<> My question is:: Is there any type of burial benefits for a deceased spouse? It has taken about all my funds to bury her. Any information would be deeply appreciated.....I though 1968 Tet was rough. I survived by the grace of God, but this last mile i have travled in the past 3 weeks has been a long one..... May God bless and keep all of you.... Thanks for the valuable information I have read on Hadit over the last few years......
  5. I am in the same boat as you..... I turn 65 on Nov. 1. I am 70% PTSD, 10 % wounds, 10% hearing....... I and also IU ,P&T with no future exams... I have no other doctors except the VA.. My Social Security and VA moneys run out before the months end now. I dont know what to do about Medicare B or the others...... I dont need an extra $100.oo each month taken from my compensation and SS.. Any help would appreciated.
  6. What earplugs?........I have never seen any ear plugs in basic or ait either NAM in 67 & 68.... I smoked so I took the cigarett filters and spit on them and used them as ear plugs.. It was rough , but it helped a little at the moment. A MAD Minute with a Mech Unit at 2am would definitely get your attention......
  7. First of all..... THANKS TO ALL FOR THE VALUABLE INFORMATION I HAVE RECEIVED ON HADIT FOR THE LAST 2 YEAR. Finally I was awarded 100% IU along with P&T status. No future examinations scheduled. MY QUESTION IS:: I filed a NOD in March 2007 to be made P&T. March 28th was made my EED. My wife whom has been in the hospital 5 times in the last 2 years has applied for CHAMPVA. The Champva rep. told me the last 2 hospital stays(one in June and one August ) bills would be rectroactive since my EED was March 28. (IS THERE ANY WAY TO ASK THE VA FOR AN EARLIER EFFECTIVE DATE). I WAS P&T IN MY OPINION MORE THAN 2 YEARS AGO, MY PROBLEM IS CONVINCING THE VA OF THAT.... Any help or suggestions would be appreciated... may GOD bless all of you..... THANKS
  8. I would like to express my thanks to all Hadit.com member who provided a wealth of advice to me over the last year or so... I finally was awarded IU about 2 weeks ago. Thank GOD!! I am not awarded P&T though.. now i need to know what do do to achieve P&T! I talked with my Psychiatrist last week and was told that he would write a letter for me anytime, stating that my condition would never improve in his opinion. He said he needs to know who to address the letter too and what information was needed. I am presently rated 70 % Ptsd, 10 wounds- 10 % hearing. Any advice or information on what to do would be much appreciated...... thank you
  9. I am 11b20, vietnam 67&68... I am SC 50% Ptsd- 10% wounds(burns)- 10%tinnitus. I have been seeing a shrink for about 2 years and he has had me on different medications for Ptsd, sleep, depression,panic attacks etc. I have a Gaf of 37 for my last visit to the skrink.. He filled out a PTSD Disabilities Work Capacity Evaluation. He stated he felt i was not employable . I also went to a private Psychologist who stated i am unemployable All of the medicines he has perscribed me have side effects. I have applied for IU at the suggestion of my claim rep. DAV...I have not held a steady job for many years. (my wife and son started a lemonade concessions in my name at some street festivals and events a few years ago to give me some social security credits. ( I just received a letter from the VA stating things that they wanted from me:: statement to us as to the type of work you performed, amount of time you lost from work for the year prior to you becoming too disabled to work due to your service connected disabilities, and number of hours per week worked. They also need documentation(copies of tax returns, etc) . showing the gross and net amount of income for the year prior to you becoming too disabled to work due to your service connected disabilities.) The only work i perform is sometimes to wash equiptment when my wife and son comes home from festivals. I actually do no work in this business, and never wanted too: The gross for 2005 was near $9000.00 and net income was like $700.00 after expenses. The business was quit after the 2005 year and i have had no income for 2006. I am stating in my statement of claim that i have no business in my name for 2006. MY Question Is:: Is the business that my wife an son started in my name going to hurt my chances of being awarded IU? I would also appreciate any advice on how to answer the questions that the VA wants concerning work that i do in the business.::::: ALSO: The VA has said that in conjuction with your current claim , you are being scheduled for a VA examination. I suppose this is another C&P exam? What kind of questions might i be facing for this exam ? Thank you.....
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