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  1. I have fighting the VA for over 8 years concerning my education benefits: Vet. App. No. 08-2088. I filed for medical benefits on 19, October 2009 with the Disabled American Veterans in Los Angeles and 3 months latter I received a letter from the VA Los Angeles Regional Office that all of the files that were submitted were lost. I have a letter dated June 4, 2009 from the National Personnel Records Center that they lent my service medical records to the Department of Veterans Affairs. I have a letter dated Aug 18, 2009 from the Veterans Affairs Regional Office in Los Angeles, which they needed more time to retrieve my official medical records. Those official medical records along with my official educational claim records are officially lost according to a letter I received from the Court of Military Appeals for Veterans Claims dated 24th November, 2008. With my official military medical records lost how will the (VA) be able to verify that my copies are valid? Imagine losing your Doctorate, Masters and Bachelors degree because of (VA). Imagine that you were approved to go to school, went to school then Oh! Sorry you can't go to that school. Then over 20 people tell you we will fix this so go ahead and finish school. Two years latter you call the (VA) and they tell you they do not know who you are. So for them to lose my local medical claim packet was expected. I have not re-submitted my file yet because I'm sure they will lose them again. My medical conditions are: *Congenital Valve Defect (Aggravation) *Arterial and Ventricular Septal Defect. *Patent Foramen Oval (PFO). *PTSD. * TBI. * Bilateral Carpal Tunnel Syndrome of the wrists. <A name=OLE_LINK5>I would like to summit my files again to someone that would insure the Regional Office is held accountable. Maybe you might some input that I have not tried. By the way I asked for help from every Congressman and Senator n the state of California…. They could care less… J. Kelley ssgkavcs@aol.com

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