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  1. I have only posted a couple times here and i think the topics are relivate to veterans but i seem to never get many replies. After going to c/p exams and getting favorable results, is it fair to then be told to take a complete physical exam for the same disabilities evauluated during the c/p's?
  2. Retired 2 years ago and was rated 80 percent six months after retirement. Filed a NOD for being low balled on three of my service connected conditions. Went to 3 separate C/P exams and got favorable remarks from all the VA examiners. Now they sent me the standard form letter requiring me to complete a physical exam. I plan on taking my complete C- file to this exam. This seems like a pissed off RO/DRO looking for any reason to deny my NOD buy they dont have the evidiece. My question is this " Is being ordered to take a physical exam after already completing the C/P exams a normal VA tactiic? I do have a DAV rep who has been worthless, so i handle most things by myself.

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