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  1. Bravo6

    Roll Call For The Month Of May

  2. Bravo6

    April Roll Call

  3. Bravo6

    Waiting On Tdui Decision

    GREAT NEWS.........so happy for ya'll! BUUUYA! B6
  4. Great question and great answer! Guess it's time to get my C-file.......I've kinda waited long enough! Just glad I didn't really need it, as the VA has done me right, as of late! But tomorrow may be a different day with the VA! B6
  5. Bravo6

    Tdiu Awarded W/ Retro

  6. Bravo6

    Claim Closed Out

    Just call the 800# and ask them what your Current rating is at this time! That way you will know either way! Good Luck! B6
  7. Bravo6

    Privilege Card

    I have reservation at the Shades of Green for Mid March......Can I get a ticket and dining package for Disney! Seems the operator at Shades of Greens states that they don't offer the dining, I kinda knew that already.....but can I buy the Dining with my tickets without staying in an ACTUAL Disney resort??? I know Shades of Green is on Disney but can I get Dining with my tickets! Hope that makes sense! Thanks! B6
  8. Bravo6

    Waiting On Tdui Decision

    I'm 95% sure that he IS approved! I've gotten other veterans information in my award letter that just didn't belong there........VA is known for that! Glad to see that he will finally get the benefits he/WE deserve! Best of Luck! B6
  9. Bravo6

    Waiting On Tdui Decision

    Sounds like he is TDIU! YES, you have medical care.........CHAMPVA is like GOLD! CONGRATS! GOD BLESS! B6 EDIT: I would call your bank and see if you have a HUGE deposit from the VA! I BET YOU DO, if not now, SOON!
  10. I couldn't agree more with you Pete53! Well Said! B6
  11. Bravo6

    IU question

    You are in good shape to be granted IU! That letter is what it took for me to be granted IU! Once I rec'd that letter I was granted IU the very next week! Stay positive, Evidence is the key! B6 EDIT: Are you currently on SSDI? Have you applied for SSDI?
  12. Bravo6

    February Roll Call

  13. Bravo6

    Help Needed

    Please post a link to this story! Thanks!
  14. Bravo6

    A New Fellow

    Welcome.......find the forum that fits your question or comment! God Bless! B6
  15. Bravo6

    Tdiu Info

    This exam in Feb, are you sure it's a C&P exam for IU or do you have another claim pending? To answer your question, YES, they can take it away as quickly as they award it! God Bless! B6

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