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  1. Hello, I am new to this so I will try to do this right. I am 100% SC for various Mental disabilities. I smoke pot daily for these conditions and pain from bullet fragments and shrapnel. I filed for SECONDARY service connection for ED because of the drugs the V.A. is giving me. The V.a. decided that My ED was caused by my Cannabis use related to my PTSD (and self medicated for my PTSD) as compensable!!.....huh? YES! SMC 0% but $96. added to my 100%. This could possibly help those in a similar situation?
  2. I am in Colorado where it is legal for medical issues. A Physician here recommended it. The Denver VARO said that my meds for my mental issues did NOT cause the ED but that the Cannabis did (which I am taking for my disabilities) and that is service connected!..........cool?
  3. Hello, I am 100% for mental issues...ptsd,gad,depression,etc and just (04/27/2012) contested a proposal to assign a fiduciary because of incompetancy and a claim for Erectile Dysfunction due to drugs prescribed by V.A. What was eventually decided was that my legally prescribed medical cannabis was to be considered "Cannabis Abuse" secondary to my SC conditions!! and that is what caused my ED!...? OK...so it is compensable. That seems like a landmark decision to me. A little round about way but??
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