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  1. Mike, Retired, less than 40% (like me). Think of it as them shifting the $601 from taxable retiree pay to a separate tax-free VA check. VA check comes separate for $601. RAS and retiree paycheck will be $601 less than before. Same pretax total; a little more stays with you at the end of the year because of less taxes. If/when our resubmittals get us to 50% service-connected, then we would get (almost) full retired pay and the VA check in addition. Luck! Thad
  2. No suspense date, just a statement "the phase your case is in typically takes XX-YY days based on our data as of a few months ago, but of course your wait time may vary greatly depending on the complexity of your case." They were fairly close on my "Decision" time: they said something like 20-35 days and it ended up taking 25 or so. They said Notification could take 10-25 days, and it only took 1 -- my "argh" is I'm afraid that means they don't have to go thru any $$$ calculations. But I'd rather have unhappy truth than no status at all, and it is really quick to log in daily and see if anything happened.
  3. Wish it was available to more vets; I like it to save phone calls to the 800 number wondering whether theyre's any movement on the case. I've watched my current claim go from "phases" Development to Decision to Notification (yesterday) to Closed (today). Argh: really wish there was some way other than NODs/hearings/appeals to stop the VA low-balling and rejection of facts. So today Ebenefits site has me wondering if so little time in notification means it's just another denial; at least now I know I should hear soon.
  4. Bill, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it had more (dunno if "better") info than the 800 number could give out. We'll see what happens in 16 to 27 days, hah! Thad49 Next Steps: Your claim is currently located with our rating activity. We will review it to make sure... we have everything we need to make an informed decision. If we have everything we need, we will prepare a proposed decision on your claim. The length of time it takes to complete the Decision Phase depends on several factors, such as the type of claim filed, complexity of your disability(ies), the number of disabilities you claim, and the availability of evidence needed to decide your claim. The Decision Phase is completed on most claims between 16 and 27 days. The number of days provided is a national average of time claims spend in the Decision phase based on data at the end of February 2010. Please be advised that a claim may take longer in this phase based on the specifics of your claim.
  5. Don't know if this is what they're after, but for them to get the dates right they might need the following documented: proof of date of surgery; proof of date of release; proof of convalescense period if stay was less than 21 days; ...
  6. My new VA mortgage was a refinance from a non-VA loan, and the funding fee was line # 815. See VA Pamphlet 26-7, Chapter 8, Topic 8, sections e and j. VA Pamphlet 26-7 Ch 8
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