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  1. lugnut

    Rating Question

    I filed for tinnitus in 2010, was denied, but finally won an award in May 2012. The problem I originally had was I had claimed Post Concussive Syndrome and several other problems that were always denied.. The C & P Doc kept reporting "less than likely" until I got a C&P just for tinnitus. This time he approved it as service connected and I got the award. I had been out of the Army since Jan 1968, so time or age did not make a difference. I had a 63C MOS while on active duty. I suggest you keep trying for SC tinnitus. Buddy
  2. Thanks folks, I have an appointment with my Dr. on the 23rd and will discuss this with him. Actually, I will print a copy of the Directives and bring them with me. Again I really appreciate your help. Buddy
  3. I asked my MH DR. if he would write an opinion as to my condition, his take on the history,etc, etc. He told me that he had done so in the past, but had received a letter stating that he must refrain from doing so or face losing his VA job. They told him it was a conflict of interest for him to opine in a matter relating to the VBA. Anyone else ever heard of this?? It seems to me that VA is telling us that we must go "outside the system" hire a private Dr. be diagnosed, then get an IMO/IME from that person. Is that the way others read this??? I suppose I can get my progress notes to send in, but that isn't the same as an IMO. I'm kinda lost here.
  4. I am rated at 10% HL and 10% tinnitus, but I had an awful fight for it.
  5. I had the same problems with denial of both HL & tinnitus. In the end, I got an exam from a private audiologist, (the numbers were almost the same as VA's). I also got an IMO from an ENT Doctor who reviewed my SMR's VA health records, C&P exams, etc. He rebutted the VA audiologist reasons for denial & restated why she was incorrect in her rational. He also went into detail about the ears function and why my MOS would cause trauma that she would not be aware of. Of course it was medical jargon and it worked. I was very fortunate to find this Doc, he loves Vets. I wish you all good luck Thank you for your service.
  6. lugnut

    Defoliant/herbicide Exposure Of Cold War Vets In Germany

    I too, would be interested in knowing more about this topic. There was a large area behind the motor pool where we used to test tanks, M113's, etc, after repairs were made on them. That area never had a blade of grass, a weed, nor anything green on it.(not because of driving on it; we stayed on a path) This was in 1965-1968 in Fulda. I developed a shortness of breath while I was still in Germany, at 20 yrs old. I was a mechanic, used a lot of carbon tet, and other cleaning chemicals, didn't think about the AO connection. I filed a claim, but was denied, blamed on cig smoking. Claim went to BVA,also denied. I haven't done anything with that yet. Anyone got anything to help?? Thanks and thanks for your service. Buddy
  7. lugnut

    Quest To Prove Tbi

    Killemall, I'm in about the same situation as you are. I had a mtbi during a night training exercise while serving in Germany in 1966. I was taken to the dispensary for stitches in my rt lower chin. That is the only thing written up in my SMR's. The Dr. was pissed about being awakened at 1:00 AM and I was in a daze and didn't say anything to him. Anyway, I filed a claim in 2009, and it was denied, I filed a NOD and it was just denied again in March 2012 after I got an IMO from a private Dr. Problem is I don't have enough documentation & I don't remember the name of the guy that came along and helped me up. I always answered "NO" when asked did you lose consciencness, but the truth is I don't know. I don't remember the ride back to Post which would have taken 30-45 minutes. If I can help you with anything just write me here and I will be glad to assist you. Lugnut aks Buddy
  8. pr, I was issued a CPAP in Oct 2011, and have been using it faithfully since. At the time I got it, there were other Vets also, (about 10) and the tech took a couple hours to show us all about the machine, its operation, use, cleaning, where to call for parts, etc. Then we tried several masks, and chose the one we wanted. She explained that we could expect to receive an envelope in the mail asking for the "chip" that we were to send in, so they can analyze to be sure the machine is doing what each individual needs. (Also checks that it is being used.) She said to look for this envelope in about six months. I did not get the envelope on time, so I called and asked; they told me to send it right in. I got a call back from the tech lady that initially fit me and she apologized to me for not getting the notice out to me on time. I haven't had any problems with the machine at all, I get new pillows filters, etc when I go over to the hospital ( my VA is James Haley in Tampa,Fl). I still wake up tired, but what else is new? Thank you for your service Buddy
  9. Buzz, did you get a copy of your C&P exam? You will need to get it if you don't have it now, and post it on here, so we can see the numbers; range of motion. Be sure to cross out any personal info/social security numbers, etc. Thank you for your service Lugnut aka Buddy
  10. Just my thoughts on this... I feel it boils down to a lack of communications on the part of the VA. There are too many times when a simple phone call to the VARO could get a situation taken care of quickly, everyone would be one the same page, etc.Nobody has any common sense. I once suggested to the RO in Maine that they should assigh one rater to a claim and follow it from start to finish; that person would come to understand it much better than anyone else and it should get done far quicker. BUT, it never happened. The last C&P exam I had, I couldn't get the examener (psyc dr). to let me tell her that I have speech problems and can't get a sentence started sometimes, nor would she let me show her my notes. Therefore she wrote that I wasn't forthcoming with info,etc,etc. No communication. And it's all in my c-file which she marked that she read. Go figure. Thats enough from me tonight. Lugnut aka Buddy
  11. lugnut

    Quest To Prove Tbi

    Call and reschedule as soon as you can. It took me 6 months to get an appointment. Good luck. Lugnut
  12. lugnut

    Got A Brown Envelope

    To Dot09 Thanks. Yes, I claimed hearing loss; was awarded 10%. 3 monthe later got a letter, they were going to sever SC. unless I had evidence as to why they shouldn't. I got a good nexus letter from an ENT Dr, etc, and had a hearing with the rater. Got to keep the rating of 10%. To VYNC Thanks, I'll do that. Buddy
  13. lugnut

    Got A Brown Envelope

    I finaly got an award for Tinnitus; 10% which is the set rate for one or both ears. Now if I could find some way to turn down that awful noise for awhile. Thanks to all here on Hadit for sharing your support and knowledge!! Buddy
  14. Welcome to Hadit. We could use more information from you, such as: do you have a service rep ( DAV, AM LEGION, ) or someone helping you with your claims? Who is"they" put tbi to include headaches and memory loss together. I can only assume you mean the VA and that you have received something in writing from the VA regarding your claim. The VA can and will combine issues, and it at times it will get you a lower rating, the headaches rated under TBI being one of those situations. Migraines however, will be rated seperately. Keep posting your info on here and we will do our best to help you. Thank you for your service.
  15. lugnut

    Finally I Won

    Bless you John!! Spend it well. Enjoy your Memorial Day. Buddy

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