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  1. present and accounted for. Now waiting for another C&P exam. Thank you for your service.
  2. Lugnut here--still waiting for a DRO hearing in St Pete. Bless you all.
  3. I'm here--sorry I'm late, Mother died @ 96 yrs old.
  4. Right here in Port Richey, Florida. Thanks everyone for your help and your service.
  5. I filed for tinnitus in 2010, was denied, but finally won an award in May 2012. The problem I originally had was I had claimed Post Concussive Syndrome and several other problems that were always denied.. The C & P Doc kept reporting "less than likely" until I got a C&P just for tinnitus. This time he approved it as service connected and I got the award. I had been out of the Army since Jan 1968, so time or age did not make a difference. I had a 63C MOS while on active duty. I suggest you keep trying for SC tinnitus. Buddy
  6. Right here in sunny Florida! Thanks for your service. Buddy
  7. lugnut

    Roll Call

    Present and accounted for! Visiting family in Maine, much cooler up here! Still maintaining. Thank you for your service.
  8. Lugnut here---still waiting on my hearing, gathering evidence! Thank you all for serving.
  9. Right here waiting same as last month!! Should be getting close now. Happy Independence Day America!!
  10. Still here, still waiting!! God Bless the USA. Lugnut aka Buddy
  11. Lugnut here, still waiting patiently on a DRO review hearing. Have a nice day everyone.
  12. Thanks folks, I have an appointment with my Dr. on the 23rd and will discuss this with him. Actually, I will print a copy of the Directives and bring them with me. Again I really appreciate your help. Buddy
  13. Back again for another month, still waiting for my DRO Hearing. Last action showing was in Nov 2013. Must be getting close now!! God Bless America
  14. I asked my MH DR. if he would write an opinion as to my condition, his take on the history,etc, etc. He told me that he had done so in the past, but had received a letter stating that he must refrain from doing so or face losing his VA job. They told him it was a conflict of interest for him to opine in a matter relating to the VBA. Anyone else ever heard of this?? It seems to me that VA is telling us that we must go "outside the system" hire a private Dr. be diagnosed, then get an IMO/IME from that person. Is that the way others read this??? I suppose I can get my progress notes to send
  15. Lugnut here, a cold war vet from the days of the iron curtain. Most people don't know what that is anymore. I wish everyone a Happy New Year and perhaps a big check in the mail!! Buddy
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