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  1. Well IF the VA does what the DAV letter says, it is retro back to my retirement date, almost 4 years ago. IF they pay me what the letter says, my payment could bankrupt the system...Almost 200K! Fingers crossed. They have shafted me long enough. DAV letter was dated 3 Mar, I called the VA today and it was updated yesterday (My B-Day) to still in review.
  2. I was working through the DAV for my 100% disability. They recently sent me a letter saying the VA approved it, but I have to wait for the VA to do their paperwork. I contacted the VA that confirmed my 100% but they nor the DAV can give me any idea of how long the paperwork will take. Anyone been through something similar and know how long the paperwork might take? My bills are killing me and I would like to know approximately how much longer I have to keep the bill collectors off of me, before the VA gets it together. Thanks Mike

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