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  1. I do disagree that a couple NOD Issues continuing to be Denied and requiring the completion of a SOC by the DRO, would slow the DRO IU decided Award. Just be sure your Direct Deposit Bank/CU is set to notify your Real-time via txt and Email regarding all financial transactions. The IU Retro Direct Deposit should hit WEEEEELL in advance of the actual Award Letter.
  2. Bronc's on the money, SOC and SSOC's never address Award Issues, only continued Denials. If you have a couple Denial Issues that were listed on the original DRO Appeal and remain Denied by the DRO and are still eligible for the BVA, regardless of a DRO IU Award, the SOC must be completed by the DRO.
  3. The BVA Decision Clock Appeal for the CAVC Starts Ticking! Your VA lawyer should have addressed the trip to CAVC already, this is where Legal Fees get Awarded on outright Wins or Remand Decisions back to RO. A friend got his BVA Denial (repped by VLC, DC) for SMC K Remanded by the CAVC, Legal Fees $16K paid by VBA, his final RO Remand Award netted him about $7K for the 6-year Appeal wait. No, For Fee legal Firm would have ever signed on to rep him, he was turned away by (2) well-known Firms.
  4. Before this New 20%, I came up with 92.592 rounded down to 90% based on 60-30-30-20-20-10-10-10-10-10. You didn't mention any Bi-lateral Factors being involved, is that correct? The "New" 20% SC Dry Eyes Rating, when combined with your existing (10) separate SC's, now get's your CSC to (94.0743), still rounded down to 90% CSC.
  5. You should "Always" listen to your Attorney's council. I think you forgot to mention the "VA Lawyer," Representation. Just for discussion purposes, what prompted you to seek outside non-Lawyer opinions regarding moving forward with BVA Remands?
  6. Much clearer, you are not IU Yet. Your MH Conditions that were Remanded must be re-examined and Rated by your RO. At that point, If you have filed an IU Claim Based on the "Inferred IU" notification, your IU Award can then be determined. These are the problems that are caused by limited BVA Decision information. Post a redacted copy of your BVA DOCKET Decision, let us do some interpretation for you.
  7. Wait for the actual Award Letter for clarification, there's no reason to rush anything on the Remands. What SC's got the IU Award? Did you receive the SMC S Housebound Award? Any mention of "T & P No Future Exams" or eligibility for Dependant CHAMPVA ? You're 64, the yearly filing of the 21-4140 is required till you hit 69. The IU Award is not etched in Stone until you hold the Award for 20 Years. Before you hit 65, file for the (1) Free $10K Whole life policy. You can get (2) more DAV $10K policies at prices you can't currently touch in the open market.
  8. I'd caution you to wait for the BVA Remanded Decisions, especially since you've waited this long. Have you put a pencil to the possible Retro Due from the pending remanded issues, as well as this recently Denied issue? VA lawyers will be looking at your Retro Possibility, a Legal fee of 20% of $100K for very little work might spark the Big firm's interest but I doubt it. Contact the Vet Legal Consortium in DC, PRO BONO representation for BVA and CAVC. I've seen a Nam Vet get turned down by a couple well know VA Legal Firms (Claimed Too Busy, Ya it was the low Retro. He caned his "Waste Of Time" POA-VSO right before the BVA Denial, ended up getting Denied at BVA with Vet Consortium Representation. VCR immediately filed with CAVC, within 6 mos got all (3) Denied Issues Remanded to RO. Got a $16K+ Legal Fee Awarded by CAVC and paid by VA, not the Vet. A year later, RO Awarded SMC K ED $104 per month, with Retro of about $6K. What legal Firm for Fee would have signed on for the 20% $1200.00. The other (2) Denied issues, RO Awarded Hypertension SC 0% (No Pay) and Denied his claimed blood Cancer again.
  9. Buck, you're correct about the "20 Year" Award Anniversary unless the Rating Dept thinks Fraud is in play. An IU Vet with an Award less than 5 years, regardless of mention of T & P, could get looked at if the major IU causative SC is considered for possible improvement, even if its a MH Issue is currently static at the time of the IU Award. As to the yearly IU Anniversary Date filing of the 21-4140. It's filing is specifically addressed in the IU Award Letter, and mandatory till you turn 69 or hold the IU Award for 19 years. The 10 year DIC Date is another prime issue that has been known to trigger Re-Exams. With the Filing of any New SC or Secondary Issue Claim, all bets are off. Everything can be reviewed at the Raters discretion.
  10. Do you believe your recent IU T & P Award is "Etched in Stone," non-reduceable by the Rating Dept. for the rest of your Life? What do you know about the 5 year award Anniversary, 10 yr DIC, age 69 21-4140 and holding the Award for 20 years?
  11. RO will send you the New PTSD Rating with an 'Inferred IU Claim" notification mentioned in the Award Letter. You must then file an Official IU Claim, if you haven't already done so, including the VA 21-4140 statement regarding Earned Income and Employment for the past 5 years. Things may be a little clearer to us if you were to post a redacted copy of the BVA Decision or the actual BVA Docket Number, but your personal info would be visible, so go with the redacted copy.
  12. Buck, I opted for Group sessions led by a VA PTSD SLSW. 4 of the original 16 Nam Vets, just stopped showing up after about 3/4 weeks of Group. I've never seen a VA Psychiatrist, except for the PTSD C & P. Never had an Rx for treatment of PTSD. While using VA PTSD Group, I think the homework requirement started almost immediately, helpful but a real pain in the ass. Can't say I was a model member when it came to timely completeion of the homework. Once a month, we had to do a 1 on 1 meeting with our social worker. After about 21/2 to 3 yrs, our Group was informed that the VA was limiting our Group Therapy. I believe she stated that we could reapply after about 6 months if we wanted to start from scratch again. There wasn't an "Advanced Group," that was us.
  13. The Lawyers are within +/- 12 months, either way, be confident the Judge's "legal" Decision is going to take not a minute longer than is necessary to be sure all the Legal I's and T's are dotted and crossed. VA Sr Judges don't look forward to a CAVC Judge/Judges overturning their Decision.
  14. Have your POA-VSO access your C-File for the recent Decision, should be able to print and email it to you. Ask if he'll file an Oficial Review for possible CUE regarding the missed Retro Payment. If you're correct, the additional Retro could be processed in a couple weeks. Worked for me back in 16.

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