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  1. Dean, about a year ago I had contact with a Hadit member, young San Diego Cop - USMC Air Wing Firefighter Vet that had MM DX. He'd been Denied SC, filed DRO Review Requesting Hardship Advancement immediately. Within about 2 mos he was Awarded 100% P & T. His E-mail no longer works, so I believe he passed.
  2. JL, was this recent SSOC the result of a BVA Remand to your RO? Could you point us to your BVA Decision for Remand? If not, how about posting a redacted copy of the Remand decision? At least I think this is now somewhat clearer, sometimes I'm a little slow. This started with a 09/2013 Denial, you had a DRO Review Denial SOC 09/2014 and filed an I9 to the BVA 10/2014. This DRO Review with a New C & P was the result of a BVA Remand. Me thinks you should have the SSOC near 03/01/2018. If this SSOC is the Result of a Remand, I think you have certain time constraints ( ?30 Days from Date of SSOC) as to what your continued Appeal options are. Might be time for Asknod to chime in, or possibly you should address the "Options Issue" directly with him via a private msg. What does your DAV VSO have to say? I think you have to have the BVA Decision in hand, prior to filing with the CAVC.
  3. What's the Denial Date of the Claim associated with this SSOC? How much time is left of the 12 mos RO appeal period? Upon receipt of the Actual DRO Denial Decision & SSOC, you'll either have the remainder of the (12 Month) Appeal Period or 2 months to file the I9 requesting a BVA Hearing. Do Not Miss your Filing Deadlines. Is this SSOC the result of an RO or DRO Review requested when you file the NOD of the Denial in question? What prompted the "REVIEW" route? Was this a DIY NOD or did you use a VSO?
  4. I won my CUE at BVA, EED back to 2003

    Currently, your PTSD Rating singularly is 100% T & P, correct? You indicate "New Grants" for Ankle, Lower Back, Cirrhosis of the liver, from the 2/01/14 Claim. What were the respective SC %? You don't mention an SMC S (1) Scheduler Housebound Award but I assume you're aware that if your SC's other than the (1) 100% PTSD SC have a CSC of 60%, you will receive the SMC S (1) Award. What was the Effective Date of the PTSD 100% SC bump? You're looking at approximately $4K a year in SMC S Retro, not too shabby.
  5. I won my CUE at BVA, EED back to 2003

    What was the effective date of your IU Award? Your RO will determine a Staged Rating based on the effect of any SC increase back to the EED of 2003. Any SC receiving an RO determined 0 or 10% Rating due to the BVA Decision quite possibly would result in no increase to your CSC prior to the IU Award Date. As to sending in the "NEW and MATERIAL EVIDENCE," It's not considered as "EOR" (Evidence Of Record) until it's received by the VA. This evidence goes directly to your RO, NOT the BVA. This Evidence is certainly "last minute - 11th Hour evidence." How did the evidence all of a sudden become available and what do you expect it to do, SC % or Retro $ $?
  6. Take your ID, DD214 and a copy of your Jan 2018 VA Yearly Sevice Connection verification letter. Do you have a VA eBenefit Verified access account? While at your VMC, stop in at the Vet's Learning Center, usually located on the 1st floor. They'll help you set up access to your New VMC Health Records via the VA MHV (My Healthy Vet) account as well as an eBenifit account if necessary.
  7. Did you get a copy of the C & P DBQ? If not, do so ASAP. If the C & P was completed at your VMC, a copy of the DBQ should be in your MHV Clinician Treatment Notes within a week or two of the C & P. I can't say I've ever seen a VA PCP that was Board certified in any specialty. When it comes to a C & P Exam, other than an MH/PTSD exam or an Appeal Remand, it's not unusual for the examiner to be a PCP. Did your VMC PCP opine in his Clinician Treatment notes or the DBQ you requested, as to the why's of his nexus opinion? Just saying he thinks it is, isn't adequate when going up against a C & P Examiner. The C&P Examiner must discuss his nexus theory, good or bad.
  8. I had occasion to see a Military article discussing which Rating DOD or VA takes precedent. Just because a DOD Rating is 100%, it's not unusual for the VA CSC to be significantly less. The VA Rating trumps the DOD. All your active duty Disabilities are automatically VA SC'd. After that, it's all about the 38 CFR 4 Rating Schedule. I've never eyeballed a DOD Disability Rating schedule but I'm confident that is based on one's ability to function on active duty.
  9. John, you might want to revisit the SSI and Spousal Death Benefits. If your wife is eligible for her own (based on her earnings) SSI and Passes, you have a choice of either receiving her SSI Amount or your's, whichever is greater. You don't get any part of her's added to your"s. You can file for the Death Benefit, I think it's currently about $250 or $350. Be aware, when an SSI recipient dies, the Funeral home notifies the SSA and the entire month's SSI Deposit is snatched back. My 84 yr old dad used to say if I walked in on the 27th and found him dead, to leave and don't come back till the 1st. As to SSDI, it automatically changes to SSI on your Full Boat SSI Eligibility age.
  10. Dental for son?

    Have you checked as to what the "Limited Dental Coverage" entails? I'm going to have to review my wife's CHAMPVA File. I know she get's all her RX Co-pays covered shortly after sending in the necessary documentation.
  11. Ask about VA life insurance

    If he's under 65, he can apply for 1 or both additional $10K Whole Life policies. Keep in mind, they are not free and the monthly premium will be deducted from his Comp Amount.
  12. Guys and Gals, PTSD being treatable and capable of symptoms improving with the proper Clinician treatment is an opinion held not only by the VA but also by all Major Psychiatric Institutes and Organizations. That changes as the Vet ages. A Vet in his early to late 60's % 70+ is considered incapable of symptom improvements, even with ongoing Psychiatric care. Soooo, don't look for a PTSD 70 or 100% T & P No Future Exams if you're under 62.
  13. Yo Buck, if you're sitting on the "Totally Confused Bench" I'm right next to you on the"Ignorant and IDGAF" Bench, regarding the VA 20 Year Rule. I really haven't given it much thought until you brought it up. I did see a VA Rating article yesterday that discussed the VA 10 Year Rule as far as SC Awards. As I recall, the File Date was the Clock Starter for the 10 Years, not the Award Date. You know what they say about Opinions and AHs, so here's mine. Every SC a Vet has been Awarded, has it's own Effective Date for purposes of the 5 year Rule, 10 year Rule or 20 Year Rule. Each SC's Aniversary Date is protected to whatever degree the applicable rule Covers. Might be time to have your POA VSR check your C-File for any "Diary Dated Reviews."
  14. ID Card for 100% Vet

    No Way, DOD Cards are only issued at and by Military Installations including Air Nat Guard Bases and locations like US Tank Automotive Command. Be sure if you're trying to get a DOD Card for your wife, you must have the original Marriage Certificate with the Raised State SEAL NO Copies, they check by dragging their thumb across the Seal. Military installations don't require an Appointment but it's best to call ahead for instructions.
  15. No New AO presumptives?

    AO UPDATE 2017, is supposed to be released late 2018 to early 2019. For those interested, VAWATCHDOG.org had a link regarding the AO Update Release. Hypertension being determined by the 2017 IOM AO Update as "Limited but Suggestive Association to AO," makes it a real stretch to think it will be added as an AO Presumptive. Even though it's not supposed to, what an addition of an AO Presumptive for Hypertension would cost in Retro and Future Comp $$$$, is sure to be taken into consideration by the Powers that Be.