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  1. Use the Hadit VA Math Calculator, run a couple different SC % scenarios. As a matter of fact, run your current SC's, are you a 75.00 rounded up to 80 or an 84.4 rounded down to 80? Excuse the "No paragraphs," Haditpostings are acting up again. I don't see any Mention of an MST/PTSD Award, just the PTSD Denial. DID you NOD the Denial, when? If not why? What's the Date of the Award/Denial Letter? Any chance you could post a redacted copy of the actual PTSD DBQ as well as the Award/Denial Letter. Semper Fi
  2. Risk vs Reward should always be considered, in just about everything. Your current CSC is rounded up or down (?) to 80%. What bump do you think a Claim for Increase would provide? Use the Hadit VA Math Calculator to do some "What If's." Any chance you could post a redacted copy of your recent Award? To NOD requesting a DRO requires your submission of New & Material Evidence that was not available to the original Rater. What do you have, not just your "Feelings?" If you believe the Rater missed some Submitted Supporting Evidence, file an "Official Request for Review" of the recent Decision. Just don't miss your 12 Month NOD Filing Deadline. Give or take, DRO Reviews seem to currently take about 12 to 18 months. DRO Hearings are another story, 3 to 4+ yrs is not unusual. Either type of DRO request can result in an Award or Denial but not an SC Reduction. If you're under 55, your C-File will be "Diary Dated" for an SC Re-exam in 3 to 5 yrs. After 55, SC Re-exam C & Ps are only scheduled if you file for an SC Increase or a New Secondary Issue. Semper Fi
  3. Sometimes the VA really makes you work for it. Semper Fi
  4. I had to look at the PH Ratings again, been awhile. What condition preceded the PH DX, Acute Pulmonary Embolism or Thromboembolism? Any mention regarding the need for a Right Heart Cath, by any of your VA Drs? Do you have an SC'd Heart issue? I'd have to look back but I think my PAP was 26+, very low end of Stage 1 PH DX. Regardless of low Stage 1 or About to check out high Stage 4, PH is considered Heart Failure (aka Cor Pulmonale). The PH DX itself, not the SC 0%, got my SA bump to 100% because of the Cor Pulmonale/Heart Failure association. Semper Fi
  5. Was the PH DX based on an Echocardiogram or Heart Cath? What was your RV Ejection Fraction numbers? The Heart Cath is the "Gold Standard" for DXing and Determining the exact Ejection Fractions for Staging your PH. Are you currently DX'd requiring Supplemental 02? I had an Echo DX 11/14 Stage (1) PH SC 0% (FDC filed 01/15) 03/15 Awarded Secondary to an SA (10/10) 50%. I immediately (03/15) filed an FDC for SA Increase, denied 07/15. Rating Dept 12/15 Quality Review of 07/15 Denial, Awarded SA Increase to 100%. Without the PH DX, the 100% Bump wouldn't have happened. My PH Stage (1) rating is still at 0%. Semper Fi
  6. You're going to need to read up on IU being "moot" if a 100% Scheduler Rating is in place or just obtained. I was 90% CSC, Awarded IU P & T No Future Exams 06/14 effective 09/12. 12/2015 got a Quality Review bump to my 50% SA SC to 100%. 01/03/16, E-Ben showed 100% P & T NFA, nothing about the prior IU Rating. It also showed the New SMC S (1) Award, 1 SC @ 100% with additional SC's totaling 60%. In the past, I've read BVA Docket Decisions where the Judge discussed the issue of an IU Denial beeing "Moot" because of the subsequent 100% CSC Award. Semper Fi
  7. L, when did you submit the VA Mandatory New & Material Evidence to qualify for the DRO Review? What was the DRO's Decision and DATE? How many Appealed Issues? Generally, the actual DRO Award or Denial letter can take 4+ months after the Decision, to arrive. Retro Deposits usually hit 2 to 3 months before the Award Letter arrives. DRO Denial Decisions could take longer to arrive due to the need for a SOC or SSOC to be included. Semper Fi
  8. We still need to see the IU Award Letter in order to determine exactly which (Single?) SC or SC's got the IU Award. Then again, there is always the straight VA Housebound Application that a treating VA or Private Physician completes on your behalf and submits to the VA. Unlike the SMC S (1) Statutory Award, you actually have to meet the VA's Housebound or A & A criteria as evidenced by your Treating Physician's Statement on his signed Housebound application. You don't have to have (1) SC rated at 100%. Semper Fi
  9. Could you post a redacted copy of your IU Award? All issues listed by the Rater as evidence considered for your IU Award would be off the table for an SMC S(1) Statutory Housebound Rating. Semper Fi
  10. Regarding P & T Ratings, you sound far south of 55. I read an interesting P & T article today on the "Progressive Advisory LLC" web site, link to it via Age 55 seems to be a magic number when it comes to P & T. An interesting point was made regarding Vets filing a NOD because P & T wasn't added to the IU Award, thus excluding the Chap 35 Bennies for spouse & kids, the P & T isn't an Award it's a Classification and a non-appealable issue. No family, especially Grand Parents, to help watch the Kids? You may not be able to do your old job, do you really need to? You're pulling about $40+K SC Tax-Free, your wife will be going BTW at her old job after Maternity Leave, earning $XX,000 a year. Will you still be in dire financial straights at that point? If the financial strain continues, it's time to get some professional guidance. VA IL Dept might be a resource for a free or low-cost Financial Counselor. Forget about your old line of work, based on your mechanical skills you should be able to find some sort of part-time job. Even if your Earnings go towards a Nanny or Day Care, it would be good MH Therapy. Semper Fi
  11. After a DX'd Heart Attack even without Stents or BP Surgery, as I recall you're still eligible for a Temporary Rating of I think a 100% SC Rating while convalescing. After which, you would be assigned a CAD Rating dependent upon the verified status of your Heart functions. This is all dependant on your Nam Boots on the Ground being verified. At that point, your Claim would be classified as a "Nehmer Claim" and be expedited per Court Order. By now, your treating Cardiologist has to have discussed any damage to your heart. Could you share this info? When you are up to it, if you would post "REDACTED" copies of the Heart Catheterization and Echo Cardiogram, they would be very informative? Semper Fi
  12. Porg, refer to VA M21 - 1, Part III subpart ii Chapter 2 Section G, Requests for Reconsideration of Decisions that have not become Final. Change Date 03/24/2015. My situation was based on a 12/15 Quality Review Award of a Denied 07/15 SA Increase. The only thing that I found wrong with the Award was the EED, the Sr Rater doing the QR Award missed EOR dating back an additional 18 months. Filing the "Official Request for Review" within a couple weeks of the Award Letter arriving, resulted in the additional Retro being Awarded within 2 months. Had I filed even a NOD requesting a DRO Review, it could have been 12 to 18 months before a DRO looked at the EED Appeal. Semper Fi M21-1MRIII_ii_2_SecG.docx
  13. Porg, I think it was about early 2014 or 15 that the VA issued a statement or Directive addressing post-Decision"Official Requests for Decision Review." Prior to that Directive, all requests for a post-decision Review were unofficial and much discussed here on Hadit as basically a waste of time. The New "Official Request for Review" does not eliminate or postpone the 12 month NOD filing Deadline. As all experienced SC Awarded/Denied Vet's know, the Filing of an SC Claims NOD requesting any one of the (3) Appeals options (DRO Review-DRO Hearing or Traditional BVA) will add anywhere from 1+ to 5+ years wait for a Decision. The "Req for Review" of a specific issue, should be used almost immediately after the initial Decision Letter arrives. In my case, it was filed the same week and resulted in the Correct Retro hitting within 2 months of the Filing. My NOD for the Retro EED was Locked & Cocked, just ended up not needing to be filed. Is there anything in the 38 CFR regarding Official "Request for Review?" Who cares, as long as it works? Semper Fi
  14. Jfr, what exactly is the Aderral 20 mg supposed to change or lessen, that would remove the need for the Dr to contact Children's Protective Service? Are you rated as House Bound? What was your CSC before the IU Award. You are aware that with the IU Award, you could do part-time work (Great MH Therapy) earning under the SGI $12,400 and not have to worry about getting an IU Reduction? This may be a sexist thing to say, but women were meant to have, care for and raise their Babies. Men, while loving their children, just don't measure up to WOMEN, when it comes to 24/7 care and nurturing of the kids. At least I don't, never did. I could work 70 hr weeks with no problem but after watching my 4 kids for an hr or so, I couldn't wait for my wife, mother or mother-in-law to show up. Where are the Grand Parents? Check with local churches for assistance. School will be out soon, hire a teenage babysitter to help you and your wife, Semper Fi
  15. I was ready to file a NOD 04/16 regarding an EED of a 12/15 Rating Dept Quality Control Award. Just by chance, I had occasion to be discussing another topic with my VSR DRO Hearing (06/14) Specialist, during the conversation I mentioned my SA 100% Bump and that I was about to NOD for an EED. He advised was to hold off on the NOD and file a"Request for CUE Review" for an EED based strictly on the overlooked VMC Med Recs. Sounded like a plan to me so I faxed him the VMC Med Recs that were overlooked, he filed the Req for an EED CUE Review 4/16, EED of additional 18 mos of Retro hit about 07/16. the Actual EED Award letter didn't arrive till about 09/16. Semper Fi