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  1. Hi,

    I'm new on this forum and very clunky in navigating around the topics....I have posted questions and do not get any responses.  Not sure what I am doing wrong.  I have questions on how to file a claim for MST. 

    I know I can call the VA and ask questions on what they need to file or a local Vet center, but wondering where can I get the best advice and resources once I make the call.  Does Hadit have a 1800 number to get advice...if not where do you recommend I start?

    Thanks in advance!

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    2. Michigander


      Ok this is all great...I will send email to Jennifer.

      I am afraid I may have overlooked one huge detail that might negate my whole MST claim... if you have feedback please let me know soon as you can.  It may be a waste to apply depending on the answer...here is my last question for a while at least (feeling guilty I'm sending you so many questions).

      I have a police report to verify the assault that took place in detail with medical evidence while I was in active duty.  However, the perpetrator was masked so I cannot prove who the attacker was military or civilian.  If there is no proof the attacker was a military person as the report states do I not have a basis to file for MST? 

      I did make a statement that the attacker may have been someone I knew in the military giving their name and rank, but again the person was masked so I don't know.  The civilian police handled the investigation since it happened off-base and did call in the SSGT I named during the investigation.  They called him in and documented he seemed uninvolved after a short Q&A and the SSGT was let go. 

      Will this rule me out since I can't prove the attacker was military?

    3. Gastone


      No, file the claim. You were on active duty and you have a paper and possibly a medical trail.mst.pdfmst.pdf

      Semper Fi

    4. Michigander
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