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  1. Gastone, Top of the morning. Update. I was granted IU without P&T. I have an appointment Oct 2018 for flat feel which has been rated 30% for 3 years now>>>not related at all! weird right! RO raised my back rating from 10% to 20%. Left knee from 0% to 10%. I was given 50% for Depression anxiety. This moved my overall rating from 80% to 90%. But now being paid at 100% IU. My big question or questions...Because i respect your advice, is this....since the completion of this last claim i have had 13 level spinal fusion completed by an outside Neurosurgeon. i am on my way today to physical therapy. (outside VA) (yes i am taking advantage of choice program!)#6 visits 3 times a week. I have about a 21 inch scar down my back and yes its painful. ROM limited. Should i file an increase from the 20% prior claim or file a new claim? Should i also file for SMC-S home bound? My wife is caring for me? Should i also increase my new 50% rating to a possible 70%? 100% means i can no longer work correct? My goal is P&T 100% so work as a building inspector is still a posibility in my future ?   Thanks Gastone! Thanks to any and all for your advice as well.  RLTW

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