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  1. Gastone,   apologies getting back at ya so late. been recovering from 13 level spinal fusion. Morphine pills of two size dosages and water P.T. has me house bound, basically. Any how, i can use some advice, please. After last claim i ended up at 90% overall from 80%. also awarded TDIU. My 1st visit is October 2018 for flat feet. for which i already have a 30% rating. My goal is P & T 100%. The back surgery i just had 2 1/2 months ago was not yet considered or claimed in my last claim for increase. What was part was a 20% from a 10% for DDD. I went through the choice program for a private Neuro. 8 1/2 hrs surgery. scar about 21 inches up middle of my back. yes the scar is sore. From searching alot of other vets claims  i have picked up alot. Obviously the total and order of merit is a huge grey area. My wife and i basically did my last two claims on our own. no DAV rep. previously had 20% taken back overall for a new claim after i had 3 surgeries on my knee. still have no idea how that happened but crooked ass doctor lied all over my C & P exam. Here is where i am at. I have been in contact with a DAV rep and he has given his advice. He says to finish out my P.T.(26) more visits at 2 to 3 a week. That would be another 3 plus months for a total of 6 months after surgery. He says at that point is when i can jump back into the claim for increase or reconsideration. That sucks! sure i have dental but i bleed like a siv because of eloquis thinners. what hurts is no health insurance for the wife and boy. we are using cobra off my last jobs insurance. costs wife 650.00 a month. havent added son on yet. $$ issues. all the benefits from TDIU over to P & T. This is alot i know. I could use some advice on some or all or none! i have sent this to you and not sure if others will see it. not savvy enough or patient at this point to figure it out! Thanks again for your help. RLTW Sua Sponte!


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