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  1. What is the Medical Problem that you believe is the cause of your 5 years of an SC SA Award? Not sounding too strong by your talks. Have a non-VA Sleep Specialist completed either SA DBQ or his Clinician Reports supping a Mil or VA Problem has been deterred the original SA CPAP or BIPAP to start? Are you RX'd as OSA, CSA or MSA?
  2. "C," if you have a possible SA Claim possible, don't be a Lurker, your Start New SA Claim have been started. You have the 12 months to complete for the SA SC 50% after you find a non-VA SA Neurologist that present you any of your SA attached to whatever caused by CAD or RX'd while you were on active doing, Which of the about 12 medical problems that you expect to have that can be caused for the SA need of CPAP or BIPAP? The 6847 SA is relativist reading and understanding the 0%, 30% and 50% Ratings if you passed. However, reading the 100% SC needs a bit of work. I went at 1 VMC C & P SA DR Denie me while we talked, and (3) VA Raters also Denied my 100% Claim in 07/2016. An SR Rater agreed on me with my claim as I addressed the Legal Status. Awarded me with the 100% 11/2016 Retro about 8 mos before and also added the SMC S due to the 60% of other SC %.
  3. Be ready for BVA Be ready for BVA Denial! You have 60 Day request for Direct Request for BVA Denial ending up in form of Judge (CAVC?) Rewarding, Denying, Lawyer Fees (Big $$) while your Denial gets a return back to RO for a redo.
  4. Solo, you seem to miss that AO wasn't given and credence until many years post-NamAO Scheduler Exposure. Only the "AO List of Accepted as "AO Supportive Desiesas." My head is only working on 3/4 fuel right now, so cut me some slack. If a Vets DX is not necessarily listed in the AO Presumptive List, that does not stop the SC Claim from been alleged to be a "Direct Award Claim," with supportive MidicalEvedence indicating that the immediate Nam's exposure was "at least as Probable to another Medical DX exposure." A New Direct SC could be Awarded without the AO Presumptive Auto. Look how long Squids that spend their Ship Nam area way out to say, not even in vision of the Bays or County line, still no luck for an AO Presumptive. They weren't Brown River or even early to Bays. Getting off in Nam, only for an hour or a day, for only a verification, got a "Foods on the Dirt/Nam" and put them in punch for an AO Presumptive."
  5. 15 pages about a Vet and or Vets thinking using a VSO as an error, usually for their own ERRORS or misuse of an original Claim Filing VSO, just about always places the problem with the VSO. Are you accurate when you consider your VA Claim or Appeal VSO, Attorney or Agent an actual TOOL? Misuse of the most expensive costing TOOL (VA or private, Human or mechanical) is often the fault, if not always that of the Uneducated Vet or TOOL Purchaser. Best to become VA Claims educated and figure out exactly what ERRORS, you the Vet made, then laying the blame 100% on an unacceptable VSO-Rep. Sure the Rep can be a contributor to the Rating Denial, but your failures are being also Finger Printed on the Denial and now has to be corrected, usually adding the 1+ to 3+ yrs RO/DRO/BVA that is now Necessary.
  6. A-NOD, as my norm, I'm checking with the Pro from Dover (YOU) somewhat my recently Request for an A and A,  Award. Just got the DX end of 09/2018. If I'm not mistaken, the proeperly DR's A & A Completion and my  Private and VMC Med Records will seal the deal. DX should make me eligible for the SMC (L?%), never thought I'd be in this area.

    If you have occasion, your thoughts would be appreciated.

  7. VA FOIA Request for his complete VA RO C-File and "ALL" his Service Records on a Searchable CD? My 1st C-Fie handled it personally while at my RO for Voc Rehab for VR VOC Rehab meeting. The RO took about 14 months from 09/12 to send about 12 inches of files. My last Fax VA FOIA 11/2014 or 15 took about 2 days to show as a New E-Ben Claim. CD arrived within about 8 months. Everything you need to see that he can't remember will be there for your searchable ability.
  8. A-N, if I had feelings, saying I "misspeak" would bruise my feelings. Somebody, not you recently talked about he was not concerned with the Award or Retro $$. Only thing I can think you might be needing, is "MO Time" to enjoy the fruits of your VA IL Greenhouse, the size of a 2nd home. The clock just keeps cranking, try to enjoy some time for yourself, I'm trying with whatever time is left. Seems like all of a sudden, I'm more jamming as much with my Grandkids under 6, just for their positive memories. However, as of today, I have forbidden them to address out loud that I may be guilty of "Mispeakean."
  9. Even the 20-year GOLD Rule can be overturned if evidence of a "Fraudulent" statement is proven. The initial SC Comp Claim and subsequent Award would be very informative. The "CROTCH" (USMC) either proved his exposure to AO, anywhere on the Planet while he had Active Duty. Then just maybe, the USMC Active Duty Record doesn't support his AO Exposure, that should have been picked up on an RO Decision Quality Review post the Award Decision. the increase, other than an AO Presumptive Exposure. What non-AO Direct SC Conditions were and when originally Awarded and the SC's and Ratings.
  10. Lighten up, all Vets are our family. ED definitely became Funny to a sufferer. Need some levity from time to time, right.
  11. Buck, "At Ease" go easy on the injection description, I'm having a # 10 Factor Factor, not good for my memories. Only 4 times, remember, Bigs get Fatter, Hogs get Slaughtered. A number of years ago, some mature WOMEN, not guys with Male lovers: actually thought that ED Treatment Viagra or Cialis actually had a negative impact on their lives. something about an "OG" dogging them around. WTF, how can that be, that would hurt my tender feelings.
  12. A-N, another stroke, will Stool Softener help my "amalgam" be relieved? Even if the New-Meats aren't first successful getting the SC Rating they are efforting, they certainly got an A-N Comp Education.
  13. Think about this, never was PTSD back in Civil War, Spanish American War, WW I, WW II, Korea and most Nam's years, think it was a "Shell Shock" MH DX, if it ever got addressed, quite unlikely till Nam post-1968 Now it's Front and Center and every New-Meat Boot probably know about VA Comp and has a PTSD DBQ saved on their home computer. Sometimes, I get overly cynical, getting too old.
  14. Mil Travel Space, been around for a long time. Best be flying by yourself and be very flexible, with a high rate for possible change-ups. Initial destination and Flight time can be somewhat problematic. But the price is right!
  15. 92 BVA Decisions discussed Denial SA from about 4/5 year SA Denials Appealed., about what, 87/88.
  16. All on you. Check Historical 38 CFR 4 for SA Direct or Secondary. If you're spinning your wheels, BVA Decisions always took about 6 to 7 for Appeals Decisions. Go to the BVA Decisions, enter the SA Information and track the Decisions decided, should get you close. Go back to the old BVA Decision Years, add at least of 6/7 yrs to the Decision.
  17. Switched back to Viagra as their VA ED RX formulary back in 13 or 14. If one gives use a problem, Secure Msg your VA PCP, they'd let you take a run at the Cialis. You never got more than, as I recall (2) large Pills that needed to be split. PCP could refer you to the VMC Urologist to address trying the Vac Pump or Suppository you use for the private Insertion that worked but seems to lite you and your friend/wife on a bit of a burn sensation. Remember, if it last past the 2/4 hrs, you THE MAN! The VA has decided that you only need to get your ashes hauled 4 times per month.
  18. Remand is always decided by the RO Appeal Judge for another look at the Denial for more Rating Medical supplement info or the CAVC Judge can Remand the need for another review at the RO Decision Dept Decision. Remands are never a guaranteed Award, except the Vet's Lawyer getting the Remand at the CAVC, which count's as an Award and qualifies the VA Lawyer Fees, sometimes exceptionally $$K's high. A Vet Buddy got his Low SMC K ED Award, eventually 6 or $7K back in 2016 after about 5 years. His DC PRO BONO Vet Consortium, he finally listened to me, DC PB Vet Consortium was the only VET Lawyer that would rep him for the BVA end of 14 and the CAVS early 2015, scored a $15K to $18K For the Remand. As to an '"IU Inferred Claim" being added to an Award Letter. Stictlyindicates there is a possibility based on the Award decision and the Vet making the threshold for filing an IU Claim, won't happen unless you have the Scheduler SC %. You still have to file the official IU REG or FDC, supplying the Income and Employment evidence necessary to prove you are actually IU, possibly T & P or not. My 6/12 90% Award included the (Deferred IU Claim) and subsequently, the IU was filed within 2 weeks by me, Denied within 4 months and NOD'd for a DRO Hearing by end of 12/12. DRO 6/14 Reversed the IU Denial and listed IU T & P "No Future Exams Scheduled" at 3pm after the 8:30am Informal Hearing Decision was rendered awarding everything.
  19. The simple answer regarding IU and CSC (1) issue and the SMC Statutory Housebound Award and either IU or 100% CSC being considered "Moot" by the Rater Decision maker or subsequently by the VA RO "Decision Quality Review," SR Rater or RO DRO. The M21 requires Raters while determining which IU or CSC 100% to determine which CSC 100% rating or the IU Rating gives the Vet the LARGEST Comp Amount. How many Vet's have a Single SC Rated as SC 100%, then have one or more SC's that form their own CSC of 60% that enable the SMC S Housebound Award? I believe, with no empirical Data in front of me, there are vastly more IU Awarded Vet's that have a single MH/PTSD 50/70% SC that is the only SC that actually causes them to be IU, then 100% Single SC 100% issue and the one or more independent SC's that hit the SMC S 60% cut. That one IU Causing SC 50 or 70% is determined as the 38 CFR mandatory (1) issue rated as 100% for the SMC S. That would give the Vet the Largest Comp, IU plus SMC S, reversing the "MOOT" of the CSC multi-SC's getting to CSC 95% rounded to CSC 100%.
  20. Your Lawyer may be a wizard, be right on the date, or just stroking you to keep you off the phone and his email. He gets his 20% of every month of RETRO, he has at least one other source of income, you're the one that needs the Payday, not him. You report we'll decide! Be sure your direct Bank Account is set up to Real-time TXT and Email you regarding ALL Financial Transactions. I started many years ago with the CU TXTs, got a 1:30 AM on a Saturday Txt, that a sizable Retro hit at 11:00pm Friday. Felt so GOOD!
  21. My VMC Pain Center opened Chiropractic, Full Acupressure Needle services back in 12/2016. You can get a Full (8 to 12 Needles) Needling about every 3 weeks, I all so took advantage of both full Needling and the Ear Combat pin insertions, about (6) Metal or Japanese ear pins. Besides the Acupuncture that really helps, I took advantage of the 2016 VMC Essential Oil Pain topical oil mix. A private Podiatrist sold me $30 for a 30 day Oil Mix that seems to help. When the VMC started the Essential Oils, it actually worked better for the chronic night Neuropathy pain. The Essential oil mix, about 5 oils mixed with an Alow Oil Carrier, is supplied within 2 days, you receive a large 60 day supply by the MH RN in the MH Dept. You have to request a referral to the MH RN for essential oil by your VMC PCP.
  22. Then there is also this, you have BVA Judges, then you have the BVA SR Judge that actually reviews the Jr BVA Judge, sort of a Judge Clerk Lawyer that makes sure and all the Legal I an T's are taken care of. These BVA Hearing (Judge Rep) may or may not ask extensive questioning, or just a couple questions. Final SR BVA Judges Decision can take 10++ mos .
  23. Forgot your shorts getting in a knot about losing an IU/PTSD or a reduction when you're old enough to file for SS, about 67 now right? You're over 55, reviews aren't just an automatic. When the PTSD rating has the 5 Year Award anniversary been reached, just (1) recent Med opinion doesn't count. VA Rater must show long continuity improvement regarding the SC condition. By 66 your PTSD is past the 5 year Door.
  24. Photo, every Congressional Budget, and probably correctly, will discuss the Grandfather and all other IU Cuts and the amounts of $$$$$ that would be saved. These aren't Vets or even Congressman or Senators, it's the US Govt BEAN Counters who actually do serve a purpose. anything less than discussing the possible vast Budget for IU and how tweaking the Regs could reduce the expense, would be derelict by omission. How long your PTSD Rating, as well as the IU T & P No Future Exam Scheduled Award. After 60, just about you earning and reporting Earned Income in excess of $12,880.per year ($11.880 after 65) on your IU anniversary dated required 21-4140, would cause a 2nd look at your IU Award. At 69, you are nolonger required to file the 21-4140. While IU,Filing New Direct or Secondary Claims is a Crap Shoot. If your single PTSD Rating is the "ONLY" cause of your IU, it's considered as the "Single SC 100%" for the SMC S statutory Housebound Rating requirement (Multiple 1 or more SC's that have their singular CSC of 60%) which would add $344.00 per month along with any SMC K (1 or multiples $104+/- each month. Not unusual for PTSD & meds to cause SMC K ED.
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