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  1. I was on Gabapentin, naproxen, an methadone as my last treatment before they stopped them. The naproxen an gabaletin really don’t help much. I’ve been taking them for 9 years an by themselves offer no pain relief. I stopped my pain meds on my own. I have no addiction with pain meds. I have a problem with pain. Even when I took pain meds I took the smallest amount that worked an had them adjust dosage to that level. Ive been without pain meds for 8 months going through all the other options like acupuncture which didn’t work for nerve pain. Physical therapy which Ibevdown many times before an you can’t unpinch the nerve or bulging disks but i has to go again an try anyways. Finally went to a pain managent outside VA to do trigger point type injections which didn’t work very long the last two times I did it, and I was talking about how much pain I was in to the doc an he was going to write a pain script for meds but I had to tell him don’t bother the VA won’t fill it an I can’t afford to pay for them out of pocket. Which kinda blew his mind a bit. He wanted me to go to the in house pain management medication doctor but the VA does not allow outside approval for medical prescriptions on narcotics apparently. So it’s half of the pain management at the clinic outside the VA since I can’t use the medication portion of the management treatment.. My VA doctor an the the VA pain Management doc are hard line NO on any narcotics now at all! Zero will be given under an circumstances! I guess the dozen or docs before them were all wrong in allowing narcotic as a management tool. Vets should not have to suffer in pain if they have legitimate reasons to use a narcotic pain med for pain! I can’t afford to go to an outside doctor for pain management prescription for pain meds. I can’t believe that the VA policy is now so hard line NO to pain meds to treat people with pain that they will not give them out under any circumstances!
  2. Pretty much. It’s happenimg to a couple others at my VA that I know. One dude got pins an shit in his back an crushed vertebra! An he is no longer being given narcotic. All the muscle relaxers he wants but no narcotics! This is bullshit. How can you be a doctor an with hold a working treatment from those who need an follow the rules an pain management guidance then take away the treatment that was working? Yet, my buddies who got to retire from service with Tricare, no issues at getting the needed narcotic medication for Treatment! Surely this can’t be acceptable treatment. Need to look into how to file a complaint on this to my Senators/Congressman. Or someone who can do something.
  3. I was medically discharged, have pinched nerves in back and severe sciatica all the time an upper shoulder pain/neck pain! Ive been fine for last 15 years with pain meds an other meds at VA. But got a new Primary doctor after my other one left. He stopped my narcotics meds which help me get out an do a few things an be able to sleep with the constant nerve pain an muscle pain. I said fine, did the go to therapy again, an try acupuncture stuff but no relief. I had done it before but doc is new so did the stuff to show him I willing to do try other things. Went to New Pain Management Dr as Primary can’t subscribe narcotics apparently anymore. Pain Dr. gives me muscle relaxers for nerve pain? I’m like that is not going to work. So I went through three different muscle relaxers with no relief in pain. I Said now can I go back to what worked, narcotic meds, he says no. I don’t give Narcotics for your pain type with nerves. You’ll have to live with it or take muscle relaxers that’s all I’m giving! Talked to primary doc, he said same thing! My original meds were prescribed by previous pain management consult 3 years ago an through out my 15 years coming to this VA. Why the hell can I not get the right medication to help with pain. Low dose narcotics work great for the pain as they always have. Now, they won’t even entertain prescribing them? Do I have an way to complain about this. What are my options? A person should not have to suffer in life with chronic pain! Do I have to go to an outside doctor an pay out of my pocket to get pain relief now?
  4. I just want to get things added that should have been added or increased but they denied me saying no evidence of some an others they gave minimum. I guess I’m asking if I ask for certain items to be added/reviewed am I opening a full review of everything again am risking some new rater possibly screwing me? Or can they not touch the other ratings I’m not asking about?
  5. I"m rated 100% for Bipolar disorder and several other ailments of less percentages. My question is, should I file more claims to get them rated for other things that I now have proof were active duty related injuries and request increases for the injuries that have gotten worse? Example: I applied for right arm carpal tunnel and ulnar never rating but was denied saying it wasn't service connected. But shortly after got my 100% rating and didn't pursue the arm rating. But I found the document that shows I went to outside specialist on active duty for pain in right arm/wrist just before I was medically discharged showing I saw a specialist for that particular problem. I battled with the VA for 8 years after getting out on diagnosing my arm/wrist pain and finally got a specialist at the VA that diagnosed that I had ulnar nerve entrapment all these years and mild carpal tunnel in both hands. Which obviously started in active duty. So my question is: Would it hurt to file these new items on my disability to get a rating and to request a percentage increase on the other disabilities that have gotten worse since my initial evaluation? Or is it gambling and I could get my 100% taken away by some angry rater than now deems other items less and I loose my 100% rating?
  6. Got a new primary care doctor who is very condescending and refuses to listen to me about how my care is fine. Been at this VA for 13 years with same Primary care doctor and we had everything dialed in on my Medications and Narcotics for pain. Took one look at my prescriptions and already wanted to change my narcotics the first day. I told her they are fine, just as they have been for the last three years. I just saw my old Primary doctor a month ago for my year narcotics review and everything is on point. She immediately started spouting your taking to much, I'm not ( It was just reduced last year by 10mg a year ago against my adamant objection.) So, she ordered the usual blood and urine song and dance and I went an did it after my appointment at 4 pm in the afternoon. A week later I get a call that I need to go see the pain management clinic. I'm thinking why? I saw them a couple years ago and the current med plan is the one we came up with after months of trying all kinds of choices that would null my pain but still allow some daily activity. It was locked in, they were happy, I was sorta happy, and my primary then was happy that we found a good balance while not perfect was acceptable. Come to find out today, I stopped by after a phone call from my new Primary doctor's nurse to talk to them about my blood and urine test. I figure they found my levels were low or something stupid. NOPE. They found a trace amount of ethanol in my system and thats why I need to go to Pain Management to get off narcotics and start all over. I'm thinking, WTF? I didn't drink that day. I don't ever drink alcohol, don't even have any at my house? So instead of asking me why there was alcohol in my system. They berated me about you can't any alcohol at all why taking narcotics. EVER! NONE! I'm a damned adult! I think I can do as I please if it's not affecting me or my medication consumption. NO, you had alcohol in your system and that is alcohol and narcotics abuse. They both continued to verbally chastise me and tell me if I don't go to the pain management they were going to cancel all my narcotics. Went to patient advocate to tell him this isn't right to treat me like an idiot and hold hostage my pain as a means to wield their power to control how I live my life. He didn't seem to care, only stating that they are right, you can't have any alcohol ever. I also wanted to complain about my new Primary and her bitchy nurse an that they are unacceptable to be my Primary Care Doctor and I want to be assigned to someone else who has been here several years and not some doctor from Russia who got her medical degree from a box of cereal and Online college. Apparently you can only make a request to get a new Primary Doctor if the reason is good enough which is judged by some magical person he wouldn't tell me who gets to make this decision. They would let me know in 30 days. I know the doctor I would like. I had him several times when my Old Primary was out of office and when she needed a second opinion she would bring him in. But that is also against the rules. You cannot pick or choose any doctor you would like because you don't like your current doctor. WTF? So I might have to stay with this horrible doctor? Even though she has a god complex, likes jacking up years of work getting my meds correct, doesn't care what my old doctor has to say nor does she want to talk to her or review her old notes. SO, how can I dump this doctor? Keep My meds the same? Make the Patient Advocate get my doctor changed, an remove their ability to affect my medical records or my life until I get a doctor with common sense? Or pick the doctor I really want and trust?
  7. Sorry for the long response. Had a family member pass an it took more time to sort than anticipated. I'm meeting with the kid this weekend to go over what paperwork he has. Put together his time table an see if the rumor of the two other kids getting sick also like him is rumor or fact an then try to track them down. Then need to get his medical file from the active military an get a copy of it an get that file to the DAV rep locally. Didn't realize the regs were that harsh on filing a claim. If they hadn't done the ole switch-a-roo on him an dropped his MOC to get him to become an infantry person he would have been sick while active. But I think the fact that: He got sick right after the shot series is a clue. ( Some kind of reaction, it accelerated an already existing problem, or it gave hime the cancer. ) He got worse after the shots an was placed on light duty till discharge. The problem they tried to treat was in his throat or specifically his thyroid to combat his ill feelings an weakness. He entered basic training with a clean bill of health from the MEPS doctors plus his school physical just months before when he wrestled was also clear. The military in the least should pay for the treatment if not take over treatment. But he is already in treatment an the VA wheels turn mighty slow. If nothing else he should be compensated a rating for his cancer with a disability percentage to help pay the massage doctor bills his family had to pay because he wasn't covered by the military the day they discharged him an it was to soon to get on his Dad's health insurance cycle as a dependent. So the Military really screwed them by having him to choose to get out when they didn't provide the job he went on delayed enlistment for an instead offered the ground pounding infantry position. I almost wonder if they already knew his MOC wasn't accepting new recruits but let him go to basic with the hope that he would just accept their offer to still have a job an go be a infantry person. Seems really coincidental that half way through basic his MOC is canceled but magically the only other choice they can offer is infrantry MOC. Hmmmm...... Sounds like an old Bait and Switch game. Oh Well. Hopefully we all can find a way to help this family out an get the kid some help.
  8. I'll be contacting my DAV rep next week. But we have heard two more kids in his class have gotten sick with thyroid type issues! So there might be a larger problem at hand.
  9. I was pretty sure the second you were in the military is 100% responsible for what happens while your active duty.
  10. Need to know if my friends son who joined Army, went through boot camp but lost his job do to class cancelation an didn't want to be infrantry so he opted to get out of boot camp an enlist later when his job came up again. But he got sick while in boot camp with throat an sickness, weakness, while he was in an after he received his shot series an was on light duty till he was discharged a couple of weeks later. After he got out a week or two later he was feeling really sick again an went to doctor because his neck was starting to swell up. Doctor diagnosed it as thyroid inflammation. Stated that sometimes one of the shots they give can cause a thyroid inflammation. Doctor recommend surgery to remove thyroid. Between that day an scheduled surgery day his neck swelled up so bad it cut off his breathing an he had to be put on a ventilator at hospital. They gave him drugs to bring swelling down so they could do surgery. A couple days later swelling went down just enough an they took him to do operation. Once they opened up his neck they realized that it wasn't his thyroid but a cancerous growth around his thyroid. They took a biopsy an it came back as Non-Hotchkiss Lymphoma. He had to start chemotherapy right away to start fighting the cancer. After surgery his neck swelled up again within 24 hrs an he had to be put on ventilator again. Once they got the cancer diagnosis back the next day they could start the right chemo treatment to fight the cancer. Once the first dose was administered his swelling went down in two days so that he could be taken off the ventilator as the chemo was working an bringing down the swelling an killing the cancer from growing. He was discharged a week later, an now has to do a full series of chemo to fight it. Went he went into the Military he was a healthy kid. State wrestling champion, football champion, an just a healthy super fit kid. His first weeks in the military he aced the 2 mile run with a 11:30 time, did all the pushups and sit-ups that were required to pass basic training. But after he received the shot series is when he started to fill sick and an was put on light duty an meds. It was just after the shot series he learned his job in the Army was canceled an the only job open was infantry. He refused the infantry job an opted to cancel boot camp an then try again for his job next year or another job that he wanted at some point later. My thought was since it started in basic, maybe because of a reaction to the shots maybe not, but either way, it started while he was already several weeks into boot camp he should qualify for VA treatment an disability as he is totally wiped out from taken the chemo an his parents can't afford the bills that are stacking up for his treatment. Thanks for any help you can offer. I know when I need help for my VA disability stuff this forum was my saving grace on how to get my care an disability I was owed.
  11. Got all my letters now! Base ID is done an finally I can breath a sigh of relief this 9 year battle is over! Getting all my doctors to do their job an document every thing with the VA is the key!
  12. Finally got my full packet from the VA. They stated they raised my 70% rating for one item up to a 100% rating. So I guess instead of TDIU THey gave me P&T for my one condition. Which is much better than TDIU I suppose! Thanks to all of you an this forums information for helping me hang in there an file for my disability!!!
  13. 3 years 3months it took to get to this point!!
  14. Interesting to know that I have to fill this form out! I'm guessing they mail it to me every year!!

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