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  1. After being in the Marines for 3 Years and 11 months I was placed on TDRL with 60% (PTSD 50, Post Concussion Syndrom 10%) I have a few questions concerning the TDRL and the VA. First off, I understand that you cannot be paid through both the VA and DOD for disability. It was my understanding that once your VA claim goes through if the amount of money from the VA is more than the DOD you would get paid that amount. Do you remain on TDRL and potentially PDRL? What I'm wondering is will I still rate Tri-Care and Base privledges? Or does it all cut-off and you rate the VA benefits and no more TDRL/PDRL? Second off, I submitted my VA Claim aprox 10 months ago, have returned all forms they sent me in a timely fashion. I call to ask where my claim is and cannot get a straight answer. I do not have anyone representing my claim (DAV, Legion, Etc) Should I? If so, how do I go about this? Third off, It's my understanding that when you go to your TDRL Re-eval if they find you fit for duty they can call you back to duty. Since I only had 1 month left at the time I went on TDRL will they still have me go back to active duty? Any info is appreciated, I am completely lost in this whole crazy process.
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