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  1. gaf stands for global assesment of functioning the funny thing about that kind of test.... you can increase your score simple brain games may be challenging at first but so is P.T. right? i am trying this experement to a whole new level ( i have tbi) and a gaf score 0f 48. i just started college last semester, i could die at first... i went to my speech pathologist the other day gaf score 57. gaf will fluctuate day to day males will find higher gaf scores inthe mornings.... food for thought!!!
  2. I am SF combat vet with Sc disability totaling 50% (30, 0 , 10 ,10 , 10) 30 being PTSD which should have been 50 from the start currently on 6medications for mood and anxiety, and recomended by my psychologist not to work during therapy as it is 3xweek 2hours long and intense. in my most recent letter from the v.a. (lowercase to show abhorance) it says "the claim for increased evaluation for PTSD, chronic is deferred" "a decision on entitlement to service conection for residuals of traumatic brain injury is deferred" why do today.... what you put off till next fiscal year, I love government work!!! I have a 2 and a half inch thick medical file just from the past 2 years, what are they waiting for,me to keel over and die? examination clarification, isn't that what the comp and pen doc sends up to regional? eval, and docs clarification of patient?
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