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  1. I'll add to this conversation. My stepdad is currently SC for PTSD @ 70% Filed for sleep apnea and did get a IMO from Valor4Vet...of course denied! Now, the rater made some incredible leaps in judgment which I'll argue later but one thing the rater noted was the IMO was "unbelievable". Now I did reread the IMO from Valor4Vet and it was kind of weak. So I decided to get a second letter from a different doctor in Ohio (if I recall) and I'll submit that new IMO as well as argue the outlandish leaps the rater made in the original decision and see how that works. I have not received the new
  2. Hi All Just chiming in on the OSA. I have SC GERD and got my OSA secondary to GERD. Paid a company to write my nexus letter, took their advice and did my own DBQ (through the same doctor) and did a statement from myself (on how the GERD and OSA affected each other) and submitted all 3 documents and got OSA secondary to the GERD. I'll add that I had a sleep study back in 2013 and had a CPAP issued by the VA and just added those bits of evidence (which was also attached to the DBQ) to the claim. I remember the claim was submitted on like middle of the week and decided that Friday and I
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