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  1. Hi Veterans!!!

    I cannot stress enough how beneficial it is to have a VA Claims Agent to represent you with your VA claim & VA Appeals.

    Here is a VA Claims Agent who has given his all to assist me in my many claims and appeals over the last few years. I still am being represented by John, so please, do not hesitate to contact this man...he will do you right!!!

    I will recommend JOHN DORLE, VA Claims Agent. His eMail: benefitsagent@comcast.net or Tel: (651) 303 3062


    Thank you,




  2. Hi All, I'm taking a variety of prescription medications for PTSD (for sleep, depression). My treatments are on a out-patient basis at a local VA Mental health facility for the last six months. At what point do I file a claim for PTSD? Thank You All for your Service, rjalexjr
  3. :D I'm seeking guidance in pursuing a successful PTSD claim. My PTSD/Stressors history: 1.) 1985 Ft Bragg, NC while on active duty--Assaulted with a broom handle by a service member leaving me with minor Traumatic Brain Injury, limited Jaw motion (broken Jaw). Medical records available. 2.) 1990-1991 Desert Shield/Storm-Aviator, with combat & imminent danger flight time. DD214 indicating Desert Shield/Storm and military flight records identifies logged combat flight time. My first visit (03/09/2010) to VA MH Facility initial counselor results:
  4. Thanks for sharing your experience. Thanks for your service.
  5. Hi All, I'll get right to the point. I currently have a 30% disability rating for TBI, Hearing and clicking in my left jaw. I am currently (just started) being seen by the VA mental health for PTSD. My first medically documented trauma was in 1985 where I was assaulted by another service member with a broom handle across my left face, back and left arm, resulting in a broken left lower jaw was and left with a through and through laceration and scar just below my lower left lip line. My second trauma was in 1990-1991 Desert Shield/Storm where I encountered direct and indirect fire on my fir
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