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  1. SaintX here and now awarded SSDI. Still waiting for TDIU.
  2. Never happen! You telling me the VA is going to practically double my compensation. That is good for a laugh. Where did you get this information? Did your local tea party give you this? We would have heard about this already. You should not publish such bullshit. It is cruel and a hoax. Actually this came from an VA insider. Someone whose given me VERY reliable information in the past.
  3. Good News folks, I have received and advanced copy of the Disability Rate Increase effective December 2010. I believe everyone will be quite pleased. H R Veterans\' Compensation COLA Adjustment ACt of 2010 (2).pdf
  4. SaintX

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] An Increase From 60% To 80%

  5. SaintX

    New Va Mo

    I probably used the wrong word "New", which I suspected has always been going on. The point was for all folks to please read. I have a "very close" person who works there and they inform me of what new is coming down the pipeline. They also agree that in terms of not doing the right thing, they also believe it's done at the Rater's point and whoever is signing off has been schooled on the process. Again my point was for everyone to read those because another friend of mine had the same thing happen to her and she was about to just "let it go" she was tired of fighting, but with the help of HadIt, we put it all together and she got the award.
  6. SaintX

    New Va Mo

    Not sure if anyone has noticed the new MO that the VA has set forth. Please be sure to check your VCAA letter thoroughly. Read it over and over and again. They are now picking through the Regs to make the Denials fit. Not fully reading the C&P exams or reading them and choosing to exclude the parts that are in your favor. I've had this happen and now my NOD is in. I don't think they will like the letter and it will be apparent that they will try to deny something else or lowball again. Remember READ, READ READ!!!
  7. SaintX

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Thanks To All Of You!

    Congrats!!!!! They can't beat us all.
  8. Thanks JB, I have submitted the paperwork, and you know I realize this is a stall tactic, but when I was a supervisor and I wanted to get people to do more, I would pick the person I knew would do it. Sometimes you just have to let some of these go and say "Well we won't win this one, let's move to the next." But it seems they try to win them all. That's my next step looking for an attorney. Because I was also denied the 1151, which the C&P doctor and my medical show they caused my RSD/Nerve Damage. They never cease to amaze.
  9. Bergie, I do have a copy of the C&P exam, in fact, that's what I used to quote what their doctor was saying, and I have also submitted the paperwork for DRO hearing. It just boggles the mind how they think we are all stupid. I really hope more of us VETS get on this site and use all the information provided to beat these guys. It's like war all over again. Thanks!!!!
  10. I recently got my rating back and was denied IU. Although the C&P exam Dr. wrote that I was unable to work due to my SCCs. I also sent paperwork from the treating Doctors saying I was unable to perform my duties/job. This rater also decided not to use any of the things the C&P doctor said, because it would have granted me IU. I have filed NOD, but this shows how broken this system is and why there is such a "backlog". They are so busy trying to deny us. Now I guarantee had that Doc wrote there is no reason he could not work all the information would have been used. Just MHO. Any thoughts?
  11. SaintX reporting as ordered.
  12. First of all Congrats on the increase, 2nd, it was no mistake, I have noticed that is their new MO. I have also noticed that they are now doing a lot of 20% increases and making Vets appeal for the correct again. And they wonder why there is a backlog. Guess it's called Job Security. I would immediately NOD them. I'm doing the same thing as I saw where they picked through parts of the Regs to make the Denials fit or read only parts of the C&P reports when in your favor. Keep fighting!!!!
  13. Anyone know where to start looking for Tort attorneys?
  14. I have not worked since the injury. The total is 70% 30% Right Achilles Tendon Ruptures 30% RSD (Reflex sympathetic dystrophy) Right Wrist 20% Right Shoulder Fracture 10% Left Achilles Tendon Rupture 10% Fracture Right Wrist I had claimed the RSD (Nerve condition) on 1151, so they tried to just pay me as SC. And the right wrist injury which was secondary to the Achilles Tendon Rerupture. The C&P examiner wrote that the surgery was "Failed". Trying to figure out what else I need to submit. Any help? Thanks!!!!
  15. Got my brown envelope, got increase to 70%, They low balled medenied IU. Also, they denied my 1151, which the C&P examiner wrote that the surgery caused another injury and that the surgery was botched. Well I guess it's back to the drawing board.
  16. SaintX


    Congrats!!! Those are very helpful. Glad you won.
  17. SaintX

    [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Disability Increase

    Congrats!!!! Way to hang in there.
  18. Information for Veterans about Health Care Reform Many Veterans have questions about the new health care reform law. The Department of Veterans Affairs offers the following information about the law and its impact on Veterans. This document addresses only the most pressing questions that have been raised. VA will provide additional information about the new law as it is developed. The law contains many complex provisions, including many reforms to the practices of the health insurance industry. Nothing in the new law changes anything about the Veterans' health care program. Enrolled Veterans may still rely on VA for their health care in >the same manner as before the law. Beginning in 2014, everyone will be required to have health care coverage. The law requires that every individual must have some form of health care coverage. The coverage must meet a minimum standard so that everyone will be able to have a minimum level of care. Congress wrote into the law a provision that says the Veterans' health care program, administered by VA, meets the standard for health care coverage. Enrolled Veterans do not have to purchase additional coverage because the Veterans' health care program meets the standard under the law, Veterans enrolled in the VA health care program do not need to obtain additional health care coverage. Veterans may continue to purchase additional coverage if they wish, but the law does not require them to do so. For more information about VA Health Care Benefits, call 1-877-222-8387.
  19. I don't think that's what it's saying. Believe it or not there are still some Vets that have never filed a Claim. I met one yesterday during my VA appointment. I had to tell him what to do gave phone#s and of course this Website. Many of the new guys coming out do all of their stuff online now. I believe it's for them and maybe those who have never filed. JMO. Sorry bout the double post.
  20. SaintX

    May Roll Call

    Here and waiting!!! :D
  21. SaintX

    Ao/ihd Claim

    Katrina is also Vice President of NOVA (National Organization of Veterans’ Advocates), one of only three organizations which did submit written objections to the VA’s ECA pilot program. http://www.vetadvocates.com/ When I asked Katrina her thoughts, she replied: "In a very basic sense, the premise of the VA’s ECA pilot program is that, in exchange for the veteran giving up (waiving) their procedural due process rights at the beginning of the claims process, the VA will attempt to make a speedier decision on their claim for VA benefits. As VA claimants already know, the VA claims process includes many, many deadlines by which the veteran has to submit evidence, or respond to a VA letter or decision. BUT, the VA has no deadlines – and this ECA pilot program does nothing to change this. The ECA simply shortens, or eliminates altogether, the veteran’s time periods by which to respond to the VA’s requests or decision. There are several specific aspects of the ECA pilot program which concern me. First, that the veteran (or claimant) has to elect the ECA program at the beginning of the claims process is disconcerting because this means the veteran has to fully comprehend right from the get-go what he or she is getting into regarding the VA’s claims process. In other words, the VA is asking a first-time claimant (because the ECA will only be utilized for new claims) to be clairvoyant and choose up front, with little or no first-hand knowledge, to waive due process rights that they can’t possibly know whether they will want or need down the road. Another concern is the misleading language of the ECA rule which states that a veteran will only be eligible for the ECA program if 'represented by a recognized VSO or an accredited agent or attorney at the time of electing to participate in the Initiative.' Thus, on its face, the ECA language leads one to believe the veteran will be properly counseled before giving up important due process rights. However, as the current law makes clear, a veteran cannot hire an attorney to represent him or her until after the initial Notice of Disagreement has been filed by the veteran. This is NOT at the beginning of the claims process! Thus, the veteran is left to rely on the advice of a VSO, very few (if any) of whom practice before the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims and understand the binding effect of waiving due process rights. Yes, the language of the ECA pilot program states that the veteran can elect to 'un-waive' these rights, but I have serious doubts the VA will be diligent in reminding the veteran about this. My final concern mirrors many of my clients’ primary complaint with the VA claims and appeals process, which is that the VA seems bent on finding ways to avoid seriously dealing with its HUGE backlog problem. The ECA is just another example of that. Expedited means faster, but it does not equate to a better, or more thorough decision. The ECA does not include an effort on the VA’s behalf to provide a more detailed or personalized decision wherein the VA explains why the evidence submitted by the veteran does or does not satisfy the criteria necessary to grant the claim for benefits. Thus, in the end, the ECA will not improve the quality of the decision rendered by the VA, it will only speed up the time by which the veteran is denied his or her VA benefits. The unfortunate irony here is that this will only lead to a bigger backlog in the VA claims and appeals process because veterans today are smart and tenacious, and know to appeal when they have a meritorious claim." It appears we have another VBA sideshow concocted for no real purpose other that to distract the attention of an already dazed and confused Congress. This allows the antics in the DVA 3-ring circus to continue without any interference. Veterans across the nation will continue to be rewarded for their dedicated and meritorious service to our country with the usual VBA center ring clowns pouring out of small cars gleefully shouting, "Delay, deny, until you die!" My advice: If you're a veteran in one of the following four VA regional offices: Nashville, Tennessee; Lincoln, Nebraska; Seattle, Washington; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and beginning December 5th 2008 you're offered an opportunity to participate in this experiment, decline. There is no advantage to you personally and any risk you may take is unlikely to benefit other veterans.
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