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  1. Dec 2010 I was awarded

    100% PTSD

    20% Hearing loss Right Ear

    10% Tinnitus both ears

    I'm a 100% Social Security Disabled with DDD since 2010 

    I have full benefits and submitted my paperwork Dec 2009 was awarded  December 2010


    I retrieved my military patrol records from the University of Texas  

     Ist Marine Division

    1St Recon Battalion

    C Company 2/1

     Sept 1969 to August. 1970

  2. Thanks your correct i was getting the score for ptsd and tinnitius, ddd, hearing all 4 of them. But i hope to get at least 75% for PTSD alone and the others get me the 100% if not I will use the IU ( from SSA) disability awarded me as my kicker later with Agent Orange and PT Arthritius as part of my other 30 or 40% I need to make it total a 100% for all. Bless you and thanks for your service also !
  3. Yes Im in a POST PTSD regular class and a PTSD medics class since i was an Company Aid man in my team. Yes im also be told i have Bi-polar disorder as part of me PTSD treatment. My past 3 GAF socres have been around 39 to 45. i just put into for ptsd and will add IU later after they give me a rating. My VA doctor is working to bring in my other medical isses as part of my lcaim. tinnnitus and loss of hearingin my hear rea, Mingraines, and hypertenion and than IU later to bring up my rating later to 100% IM trying for 60% PTSD, part of SSA approval for my PTSD scores 10% Tinnnitus 20% Hearing loss 30% Degenergation Disc Disease why i got SSA approval letter for full disability after the raters give me my rating VA dont know yet about the last part of my claoim yet For IU 30% Agent Orange 10% Post Tramatiaic Arthiatius 10% to make the 100% total VA Now I have to wait for the C & P exam if they ask for it ! I have all my partol reports and lso have no exit exam medical report Thanks for you input and Bless you .
  4. 10% for Malaria and i can show my stressor and a combat action ribbon and I was Aid Man in my recon team and it has my MOS 0311 rifleman and 8651 Reocon man and my dd 214 showed me as a Company Aid Man some what like Navy corpsman, Medal with a Cross of Gallantry with palm and frame. Seen death and saved lives while on duty in Vietnam so i can show this and plus i have copies of my mission reports with my name and serial number on the reports, and the men who were killed and sved while i was on patrol and my GAF score of 39 buyt a civilian and VA doctors both showed 39 GAF scores on 2 different days of 2 different months. thank you for your reply
  5. I was just awarded full disability from SSA, and cant never work any more how does the VA than rate me for PTSD if i cant work and am disabilied ? I started my VA claim 4 months ago. Will they turn down my PTSD since i cant work, but i attend 2 weekly meeting for PTSD at the VA clinic and will be on going for a long time to receive treatments as needed. MY GAF 39 and DDD were the reason i was awarded by SSA at age 60. I was moved from SSI to full disability March 17th and now will receive SSA monthly. All replies will be accepted bless you Thank you
  6. reconman

    Any Body Hear Of This

    YES POST-Traumatic Arthritis is what my doctor is having added to my file for this and said i can file for this. Thank you much for the infomration Bless You ! :D
  7. reconman

    Any Body Hear Of This

    Thank you Im trying to find out how this in included in the rating system. The VA doctor is submitting it into my case file for my medical condition with my DDD and PTSD Im grateful for your time
  8. Has anybody been rated for Post Tramatic Tress Disorder Arthriutis what was the rating ? My LA Primarty care provider VA doctor put into my medical records this PTSD Arthritis. He said its was a new medical claim people can be awarded as part of your claim but separte from PTSD, totally separate. IM wondering if anybody out there hear of it and or knows about it? Thanks for your imput !
  9. reconman

    Iu C & P

    Thank you for your kindness ! Ron
  10. reconman

    Iu C & P

    When does the VA request a C&P from me. Just before theyu ready to rate me or what part of the process do they want to have me take a C&P. THank you
  11. reconman

    Ui Requirements Requested

    Yes I have PTSD and Degenerative Disc Disease an was awarded total disability and was not given SSI but instead of SS Full Disability. Yes I have a exisiting claim, yes IM in a PTSD regular weekly class, and I PTSD medics class offered by the VA POST 2 different PTSD doctor in LA. from the VA also IM on meds by Psycharist also. I also have be diagnoais for Bi Polar Disorder which falls under the PTSD as a 2nd dairy with PTSD as the primary condition. I have a private and VA Doctors both giving me 39 GAF scores also and all this is being input into my medical VA records and also is the primary care doctor in putting my DDD and IU as part of my claim trying to establish it as a service connected disability from my medical records an patrol missions in Vietnam. Thanks for your input
  12. reconman

    Ui Requirements Requested

    It awarded me for Dengerative Disc Disease and PTSD, Im 60 Years old. Yes beleive in can show with VA doctor that he can show at nexus of the DDD and PTSD. Combat service USMC Recon Aid Man Medic for USMC Recon team. I waiting for the letter from SSA for my proof od disability. I m age 60 and was awarded 1533 per mouth if I became disabled before 62. Now I have to see if I can get the VA to accept the IU are part of my claim for the other things i filed for. Thank you for the reply :D
  13. Hello Can somebody explain waht requirment the VA has to obtain UI if i was awarded full disability for Social Security Administration How do they differ and can i bring my papers from SSA to the VA and add UI to my claim. I'm applying for 100% PTSD with Bi polar Disorder Dengerative Disc Disease Tinnitus Right ear Total loss of hearing Right ear Hypertiosion Migrane headaches I'm adding from SSA and filing for also UI as part of my claim ? Thank You
  14. Hello MY Question I was approved for SSI on first try I have been given the state of my condition as disabilied by the SSA. Now I'm 60 and cant work any longer. I have a claim i just filed in the last 90 days for being homeless and out in the street. I filed for the following below PTSD my condition as part of my SSA with claim GAF 39 stated by 2 different doctors Hyertension Tinnitus Right loss right ear Dengeneratived Disc Disease which I won as part of the SSA claim NOw SSA awarded me disability for $1533 per mouth now as a disabled person and cant work. I want to add this SSA paperwrok to me VA claim just started not long ago. Now i want to bring in to the case the SSA awared claim to me. My questions is this Will this help my total case for my benefits for all my claim to the VA and does the SSA claim help me get UI from the VA also DO both help each other as far as the VA concerned now that it help my case that SSA knows i cant no longer work in the future. I applied to SSI but SSA told me I was given it to be now disabled and not on SSI but SS, when I become Age 62 than it will change from disability to my SS pension. Thank all who give any advise to my total out come to all the case. I have much to provide my VA case the same as did I with SSA to win this case. I know both SSA and the VA have different standards about my claims. But will my SSA claim get my a better chance of winning my case for UI and yes the DDD im sure i can prove was service connected. YES I have a CAR and other medals and stressors also 1st Marine Division Da Nang 1969/70 Thanks

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