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  1. I do know that you should feel soooo much better after a THR....and I think they get you up and moving right away. I have friends that have had one...and it was life changing. As far as service connection...you should be connected for the AVN right? My docs at Brooke Army Medical...misdiagnosed me for quite some time...saying it was just a femoral neck stress fracture...FINALLY they gave me a bone scan and MRI....and the MRI showed it. So the MRI didn't show yours?? I know xrays don't pick it up at all... by the sounds of it, you should be 100%!!! Keep me posted... I have been dealing with the VA for almost 10 years now...and i still find myself clueless as far as navigating the system, and how it all works..ugh! Warmly, Sabrina
  2. I have been told that a former friend of mine (whom I called DHS on because of her drug use and was worried about her children), retaliated against me by calling the VA. I still don't know exactly what she said...but it was enough to put me under the microscope. When people are clouded by drugs...and have anger issues..they do awful things to people. And I am a victim of her slander I guess. She is clean now...and has admitted to her wrong doings. She didn't realize I guess how serious the VA would take it. Mess with me all you want...but how dare you mess with my family's livelyhood. I am happy and a good person...I stay to myself here in Maine and take care of my three small children. I have a small home on a lake and a wonderful marriage. Some people are just jealous... They just don't get that someone can look great on the outside...and not see the the inner health problems. After 10 years of dealing with my issues...there is no point complaining about my pain on a daily basis....People would get sick of hearing it, if I talked about every time I didn't feel good. Its just part of my life now... I am hoping that after the physical part of my c/p exam next week....that they can be done with me and realize I am not getting any better. If my records are not enough for them...I plan to have my ortho put a letter in my records as well. It will be fine....Life goes on.
  3. Thanks for the kind words ;-) My worry about all this ended a while ago...why worry if I live an honest life. I just say, "bring it on"! Today I had the MH part of my c/p review. I always leave there feeling i didn't say all that I needed to. UGH! Oh well. I have anxiety issues..so of course I get all anxious and sad when I have to talk about how everything has affected me. My mouth got super dry..and I had a hard time giving complete thoughts. I feel so scatterbrained! She seemed really nice though. I may not have been the most organized with my thought process..but I told her how it is. 10 years at 90% and IU.... She told me wow, thats a long time...why do you file for p/t? I just never want to stir the pot I guess..but geeeez! I think its safe to say now..that my chronic pain and MH issues will not be going away. My physical part is next week. The long waiting process begins......again! Till that envelope comes in the mail.
  4. Update: Never heard back about anything. Perhaps he didn't find any negative stuff he was digging for. One thing is I have a c+p tomorrow. Mental and then the physical a few days later. I JUST had a review last year!!! Rep says its probably because I was under a microscope for stuff..and they are just checking on me....ugh! I have been at this rating for coming on 10 years!!! 90% IU At what point do they stop reviewing you? I am only getting older (32 now) and med. records getting thicker. Still dealing with serious chronic pain (tons of MRI's and not an official diagnosis....bone disease is controled and no further bone death)...so why do I hurt soooo bad?? Don't they get sick of seeing me every other year? Docs say...YOu need a hip replacement..but want to try and wait till age 50. Well...what the heck do I do for the next 20 years? Rep says have docs write notes about condition not changing..and try and get p/t? Any advice?
  5. I was diagnosed with AVN of Right femoral head while I was in the Army in 2001. I was 23 at the time. Docs at fort same said total hip, BUT there is this new surgery we could do, and have never done before... A free vascularized fibula bone graft. I went for the test surgery. it is quite a few years later..no further bone death...or collapse. bone regenerated. I was in ficat state 3. No known cause... I was obviously medically discharged... I am rated 90% with iu. I have review comp and pen tomorrow! EEK! When does it end!!?? Its coming on 10 years I have been at this rating... don't they get sick of seeing me, I am only getting older. My bone is holding strong..but have lots of chronic pain... What is your question...and how old are you?
  6. Thank you...I will call my rep today and mention that. Although, I guess it is obvious now that I certainly am being investigated. All I do now is wait for the investigator to call me back, if he ever does. And take it from there.
  7. The location of the studio is about 40 minutes from the Togus VA here in Maine. Looks like he has dealt with other cases here in maine, from looking at the articles posted in the post above. His phone numbers are NH and MA #'s. I do not know how he found out addresses, other than photographing their vehicles/licence plates and looking it up that way, and then going to their home. One lady thinks maybe someone from the studio made a call (but who knows, just a hunch)....it all took place last summer, and he has been watching me since then I guess. He has photographs and talked about occasions of when he was lurking around. Kelli, the studio owner also had me on her website for a little bit, giving me credit for helping her....but it didnt say I was an employee or anything. I must mention too, that another investigator came around a couple months ago, asking if I was working and had a photography business. He said there was a report I had a photography website/business. He came to my home to scope me out, and questioned my neighbors. We had an interview and I had to turn in tax documents. Anyway, I have a photography HOBBY and kept a blog of my photos, LOL! So I was sent a letter that the investigation was over and that nothing was found and they believed it was just a hobby. And now this! I am feeling a bit victimized. I guess I just wait now.....
  8. Hello Everyone. I appreciate all of your replies sooooo much. This is a very confusing time for me. All day today I did some "investigating" and got some info. First, I called the IG office and they were not able to tell me anything at all, and if I wanted to know if something WAS going on, I would have to send their office a formal letter asking to release info. I told her I would rather not wait on something like this because it is creeping me out and I want to know if the gentlemen is legit. But I got nothing. Then, I finally got a hold of Marie....she is one of the ladies that was a client and now works at my friends fitness studio (it is just a small place where they teach group classes, no gym equipment). This is what happened to her. A gentlemen went to her home, she was not there but her husband was. He showed her husband a picture of his wifes truck and asked "do you know who drives this vehicle?" and he said, "my wife". He asked if he knew me, and of course he didn't. He gave him a card and to have Marie call him. She did call him back. He did not answer but called back within seconds (most likely to record the conversation we think). Oh yeah....his cards says Department of Veterans Affairs, Inspector Generals Office. Criminal investigator, Timothy Bond. Marie was very honest with him of course. He tried using scare tactics talking about purgory and what not. She said, Hey, I have nothing to hide" she told him how I helped out for about a month, and wasn't able to be as active as I would of liked, and let us know about her limitations. She would talk about her pain ect. She had to stop helping out about a month later due to her body no being able to handle it ect. We were sad to see her go. We also see on Facebook when she has her bad days ect. I feel bad this man followed her!! Creepy. The other girl that was questioned was freaked out too. She said her little girl was home alone and there was a man at the door, she called her mom (kyra) and asked if she should let him in. SO not cool! She also was aware of my issues and was very honest. I have nothing to hide. These allegations are ridiculous. Someone I think must be jealous or something and made a phone call. People just don't get it. There is more to a person than just their outward appearance! Grrrrrr!!!! I did call the man and left him a message, saying I was made aware of him going into my friends place of business and she did not appreciate the fact that he was bothering her clients and employees. I then said I am very embarrassed and confused about the allegations he speaks of and would really like to speak with him about what is going on. He has yet to call me back. I talked to my VA social worker, and he advised me to have the ladies that were questioned, to call him and get the "interview" in writing. So they can be sure they were quoted properly. Also, if and when the time comes, make sure I have someone with me if I get interviewed, and if he has a tape recorder, so should I, and for me to take notes. Yes...I am super creeped out by all of this. I am not freaking out though, because I know I have done nothing wrong! Let him come visit me today, and he can see how I can hardly walk! This week is a bad week for me physically. What he is investigating took place last summer, which is weird. So that is all I know at this point. I hope this blows over, but I will take it as it comes. I will be fully honest, because I have nothing to hide! I know there were times when I have been more active then I should have been, but I pay for those days, when I am laid up that night or the next day because of the activiity. No one ever sees that part of my life though. So frustrating. I will keep you all posted and again, thank you so much for your guidance with this. I didn't know where else to go for answers and understanding. Warmly, Sabrina
  9. Hi Everyone, I have been a lurker on here for many years and all of the information here has help me so many times understand the VA system. I am a 32yo female veteran. I was discharged in 2001 after being diagnosed with avascular necrosis of the right femoral head, and having a fibula graft surgery to help correct it and postpone a hip replacement. When I got out, I had no idea what the VA even was. I went there and had my exam, didn't know what to expect or even what the benefits were. I got a rating back of 80%, which is not 90%. I also have individual unemployability, and have for a few years. All of this is due to serious chronic pain. Some days are worse than others...but it definitly inhibits me holding a job. Life and how I am feeling is so inconsistent, that working full time would be impossible. Due to the chronic pain...I have developed serious depression and anxiety issues. So that is the just of it without getting into serious detail. Well, last year sometime...a friend opened up a fitness studio. I have a degree in health and wellness and she asked for my help, a meeting of the minds you could say. I taught her how to put together classes and went to some of the classes to help instruct...but limited in how much I participated. I only could help out for about a month, and then had to stop, due to the extra activity, seriously aggravating my condition. Well, it is almost a year later, and my friend from the studio called me saying that an investigator was in asking questions about me! Asking if I have ever sold her my pain medication!!!!!! I am so embarrassed! It is something I have NEVER done! And continued to ask if I ever showed any pain, and why I was even there in the first place. Today she called again, and I guess he went to see 2 of her clients. I have no idea what he asked them. They do know of me, but hopefully they filled him on that I was only there for a short time due to my condition. Mind you, I was never paid. She is just a good friend and it was a way for me to stay sane and interact with adults, rather than hiding at home all the time. (it is in my medical records that my doctor would like me to engage in meaningful activity/volunteer ect outside the home, for sanity purposs). Ok...so I know I have not done anything wrong, but I am still freaking out!!!! I have 3 small children, ages 1, 3, and 5 and am married. I stay home with the little ones of course and really keep to myself. I am really not sure how to approach these accusations. I called the VA here in Maine, patient advocates and my rep, and in their offices they see no reports of investigation, but he definitely showed his badge, and I know he is from the government. The fact that I am being followed and spyed on gives me the creeps! Not to mention this is messing with me emotionally. I know that if i have done nothing wrong, then I shouldn't have to worry right, then why do I still feel so awful! I feel I am a victim of something. I have a couple people that I know dont care for me....and have a weird feeling I may be a victim of slander, but who's to say. Any advice? Losing my mind a bit. Warmly, Sabrina
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