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  1. We just learned his SC-upgrade for pTSD is to be heard by the traveling VA review board - we had to make this request last year due to an approaching dead line - the latest C&P test once again came back supporting a High PTSD rating - 2 diviants above what is required by the VA for PTSD in Viet Nam Vets. He is now listed as severe PTSD and fits the criteria for 70% SC. He has been hospitalized twice at different VAMC treating pTSD. Will he still need to see this review board from Washington DC? The latest examiner explained where he percieved the confusion to be that led to husband's being diagnosed earlier as nc schizoaffective disorder - his repressing the trauma - which is documented and acknowledged by the VA which forced them to at least give him the rating of 10% SC ptsd- the first C&P rater fell in line with SSD and said the majority of husband's mh symptoms were non service connected - agreed though that they were severely debilitating in nature. The following C&Ps explained why the PTSD was not listed - simply because he would not talk about the event. Those C7Ps clearly state the real culprit is PTSD. How do we get this upgraded? We have been told there is a two year wait at least to be seen by this review board?
  2. We recently learned the VA has used an original SSD records for disability to establish a low SC rating for PTSD. My husband has all the criteria for SC PTSD - combat ribbons, etc. He was given a low 10% SC for PTSD as the SSD records hold no evidence of PTSD, but determine his serious mental health condition to be Schizoaffective disorder. Later medical evidence ( C&P) discovered the PTSD and established it as being the main mental health condition, even pointing out that without the trauma piece a correct diagnosis was possible. The VA agree his condition is severe but points to the SSD records done before his claim for SC PTSD as being the major mental health issue - one which, due to its lack of earlier connection - to be non-service connected. Has anyone elsehad this problem? He is appealing the low rating and it looks to be in his favor.
  3. My husband served on the Oklahoma city - 71-75. He is currently rated 10% ptsd sc. The va has denied a higher rating due to the absence of any reference to PTSD in his claim for SSD and Public Employees medical retirement - where he received a 100% disability rating. The intial diagnosis was Schizoaffective disorder/ severe depression. My husband refused to speak about his experiences in Vietnam during medical testing to establish his disabiliy for medical retirement. He had no previous medical data other than 2 earlier psychiatric exams taken in '75 at a VA hospital before being honorably discaharged from the nAvy - he was then placed on psychiatric medication before discharge - My husband had been employed at his state job for over 15 years. The VA awarded him 10% due to the simple fact that he fit 100% of the requirement for a SC for PTSD - but state that the majority of his problems are not SC. There is no disagreement that he is disabled - just on what is the cause. We have a VA rep working in his behalf. She is new and still in training.
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