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  1. I talked to my employer this morning regarding my last Dr appointment and I was placed on unpaid medical leave until I am deemed able to return to work by my Dr. I'm not sure what I should do next or even if there is anything for me to do. I haven't sent any new claims in to see if I qualify for TDIU or even an increase on my SC injuries because I'm not sure if I have a case or not.
  2. I wanted to give an update on my situation and also thank everyone for leaving thier knowledge in my post. I just came from my 1st Dr appointment with my primary care physician. I went in and explained all the trouble my back was causing me. He sent me in for x-rays and after getting them done and returning to his office he stated I had a narrowing of the spine with a few disc bulges. He wanted to get an MRI done but my insurance has to pre approve it. He placed me on leave from work until we come up with a plan for the back pain. I haven't told my current employer about the leave. I don't know what kind of options I have or what I should do.
  3. Would I be able to go thru this process with just my old military records and a new C & P exam or does it look really bad that I havent seen a Dr that often in the last 7 years?
  4. I contacted my local DAV office and had to leave a message for an officer to get back to me later. Is it a good idea to go this route or should I try to get this done on my own? I have only been to a Dr once since I've been out of the service because I felt that I could deal with my pain myself and didn't want to be looked at as someone who was no longer functional. I'm almost ashamed of even tryin'g to go this route but, I cannot deal with the pain while smiling at work anymore. Would my lack of records since I've been out hurt my chances of TDIU and SSI? To give more info I was rated 60% degenerative disc disease 30 % depression due to low back pain 10 % pes planus 10 % head injury. Thanks again for all replys to my questions It is greatly appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the bump and the reply I really appreciate any knowledge that I can get from the vets who post here. Is there a certain amount of time I need to be unemployed to qualify for the TDIU or social security? Would it be best to try to get a rating increase from 80% to 100% before I stop working.
  6. I am a 29 year old Las Vegas resident who was honorably discharged from the Army in 2002. I was granted 60% for my back and various 10% for my head,feet,depression. I have been working in an office position for the last 8 years. The pain I experince daily at work I've been able to cope with until the last 1-2 years. I have been experincing severe pain and numbness throughout my legs. I have also gone thru terrible episodes of depression when I am unable to perform certain acts that a healthy 29 year old should be able to perform with ease. It kills me to say it but I feel that I'm reaching the point that I may not be able to work anymore without having to live thru the pain that it causes. I wanted to know what kind of Options I have 100%,TDIU,Social Security,etc. I currently make a decent salary and am unsure if I would be able to support my family if I am unable to work. I am not sure if I gave enough info to get the advice I'm seeking but I would appreciate any and all responses. Thank you.
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