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  1. In reply to trial Hello, I was recommended for trial by pain management and VA Neuro. Did trial (Fee Services) on 26 December with civilian doctor for 1 week because VA stated they could not do this. Results took getting use too, but I was impressed with 50% relief. Implant was a go till recently this week when Fee Services sent a letter to me for VA appointment. Called Neuro to find out what’s going on, they stated "talk to fee Services". Fee Services stated that can do this (permanent procedure) @VA. Stated to use own insurance if want done or don't like it. I am currently confused about this because last week they could not do procedure. Nothing happens at VA that fast. But I am now used to fighting the VA for what they originally stated; it just sucks because I still suffer and they keep playing games. I will update when situation changes, could also use advice. By the way, this is for cervical spine. Sorry for rant, can give more info on results if still interested. Thank you and this site, I find I’m not going crazy dealing with the VA because other people have same experiences I do.

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