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  1. Thanks, And like i stated and you know, that having calluses on the bottom of your feet is painful just walking. and when i first got these calluses in 1977, the dr. stated and i have it on paper, `self care`. so i took it that it was nothing i could do about it. No one told me when i was leaving the military that i could put in a claim. I even have my ETS medical records which states i had feet problems.And its common sense that any kind of calluses on your feet are painful,.
  2. I have been out of the military for over 32 years now. I just found out this year that i could have been getting a check for calluses on both of my feet . By not knowing this i never put a claim in. Now i have been walking around for over 32 years with foot pain and the V.A. will only pay me for the time i put the claim in at 10%, even through my medical paperworks states that i received the calluses 32 years ago. My question is ,why if you are going to pay someone for an injury they received years ago while in the miltary but didn`t know that they could have put this claim in, that they won`t pay you for the lost years? I just don`t understand this. also, i have hearing loss in 1 ear, medical paper trail from 32 years ago, i was an tank driver for over 2 1/2 years, again they say `i don`t have enough` hearing loss. my thing is `i shouldn`t have any hearing loss. i didn`t have any loss when i entered the military. Can someone please tell me why the government has this `law` that they will not pay you for injuries unless you put a claim in even through its clear that your injury is military related. I thought they are suppose to take care of us VETS.
  3. You know we as vets are getting screwed by the government daily. We should `all` get together and fight that `you can only get pay for a claim once you put it in , but not for the years lost. If you are going to pay me for a claim now, why not for the years i lost. If someone knew years ago that they could have put in a claim , don`t they think we would have? This is some bull, And no one seems to want to correct this. Now, about you`re situation, i, just two days called the v.a. about a second claim i put in 5 weeks ago, i didn`t receive any paperwork on it. I spoke to one of their rep. and she told me that my scar didn`t happen in the military. How she know that ? i didn`t send in my medical papers stating i had a boil removed from my back in 1976. So in about an hour later another rep called me and said i didn`t put in a claim for the scar. So i called the v.a. in washington and explained to him what the two other rep told me, and as we were talking , he noticed on his end of the phone that the last person i spoke to had `just` closed my case. He was an senior v.a. rep and he explained to me that he would take this up with his supervisor and get back to me, which he did and reopened my claim.. some of those v.a. rep don`t know what they are doing. I am going to start a web site for us vets about the `you only get paid when you put a claim in`.. If one doesn`t know you can put a claim in and once you do `find` out then you should get paid for the time the injury accured, not when you submit a claim. I`ve been out of the military for 32 years, i just found out this year that i could have put my three claims in 32 years ago,, but i `JUST DIDN`T KNOW` thats going to be the name of my web site and i`m looking for an attorney to represent `US`
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