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  1. Hi berta, I just have a quick question. For the Caregiver Stipend Benefit, will I have to do another C&P or do anything that will effect my rating? I'm currently at 100 percent P&T and I don't want to mess it up.
  2. Hello once again all of my Hadit.com friends! I just have a couple of questions that I was curious about. If you have seen my earlier posts, I was found 100% P&T for PTSD last year. I have begun to notice that I have many of the signs and symptoms for TBI. When I first started going to the VA clinic in 2008, I saw a doctor about being screened for TBI, and I believe they said I wasn't positive. They did however enroll me in speech therapy, in which I went to a few sessions, but due to the distance it is to drive for every appointment, and no compensation for the mileage, I couldn't afford
  3. Congrats Carlie! I haven't been on here in months (My Bad) and I just saw your post! You deserve it!
  4. Hi Everyone, It's been a while since I've posted on here, but I just dropped back on to see how everyone's been doing, and I see some new faces. About a half of a year ago, I finally won my battle with the VA and was awarded an increase from 80% for PTSD, Neck, Back, and Tinnitus, to 100% PTSD. I just wanted to give some encouragement to everyone again to keep pushing for what you believe you should be rated at. I know it's strenuous, and can take a toll out on you and your families, but if you keep going for it, good things can and usually will happen. If it hadn't been for this websi
  5. From what I understand, they will give you a rating of PTSD with signs of Depression. That's how they rated me. I was told I have severe anxiety, depression, and PTSD, but it's all rolled into the PTSD rating. Good luck!
  6. I don't usually like surprises, unless they're deposits in my bank account. Congrats!
  7. Envelope arrived today! Deposit was made last week, but now it seems I have everything I need. A nice letter from the VA saying that my 100% is P&T, and a little chunk of change in the bank. Most of all though, I had all of your support through all of this. Thank you again Hadit.com members! I look forward to helping other vets as you have all done for me. Thank you again! Sapper
  8. Congrats on your victory with the VA! I recently was just awarded 100% P&T also. I just recieved the award letter today in the mail, and the money hit last week. I'm sure you'll be seeing a nice little deposit in your checking soon. Also, everyone on here has been great at giving advice, so I'm positive others will chime in with some benefit answers for you. Take care and congrats once more! -Sapper-
  9. Many do not understand what some veteran's spouses have to go through. (Sometimes it seems like they're worse off than the vets) Without my spouse, I honestly do not think I would have made it through all of this.
  10. Just a new update. Recieved backpay in my bank account as of Midnight today. It's finally feeling true, as I feel like I've been in a dream for the last couple of days. I'm surprised at how fast things are going for me now, after such a wait for the process. I'm finally going to reward my wife with a couple nice things she deserves for being able to put up with me -Sapper-
  11. Very nice replies, this post really is going to help me in the near future I think. Thank you all for the replies and advice! -Sapper-
  12. The American Legion told me the decision was made on the 24th of February. Then they didn't want to give me an answer on what the decision was until it was posted on their network, which it was on the 1st of March. I found out on March 1st, but still no envelope. They say 10-40 days to recieve it, so we'll see. I'll let you know when I do get it in the mail. Hopefully you get your answer soon!
  13. Hopefully a week or so. I have my fingers crossed :)
  14. What I heard was within the last month or so, the VA's had to go back and re-evaluate a TON of claims due to pesticides and herbicides from 1985-91. All of the claims had to be re-opened and decided, quadrupling the VA's rating board workload. (This information coming from my American Legion Rep) Although this is no reason for 6 months at a rating board, it does justify some delay I would think, since some of these vets have been waiting so long for their claims. I filed my claim in June of 2010, and just recieved an answer this week. Hopefully things will pick back up for you. If you have a r
  15. It's normal I believe. I did my C&P in Minneapolis, and had to do the test before my first PTSD C&P. (The one where they ask if you wish you were the opposite sex 17 times or whatever, right?) Pain in the ass, and I know what you mean about anxiety during it. Same questions, rephrased, like they're toying with your mind. I know your frustration with it. Keep your chin up!
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