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  1. For more than a decade, I have been trying to get the VARO-LA to write Supplemental Statement of the Cases for two claims. They refused to work on these claims because there was another claim on appeal. The CAVA noted that the RO didn't follow procedures, however since there was no decision made by the RO,the court had nothing to remand. The Secretary of VA plainly admits the issues have been raised by the veteran and the BVA says they owe me these statements, yet LA still stonewalls. The RO wrote two extraordinarily fraudulent letters to my congressperson saying I had no claims pending, that all deadlines had passed, and that I had written letters they could not understand. This, after Washington had sent the file to LA so these claims could be adjudicated while waiting for the CAVA to rule on the claim before the court. While there are laws concerning such fraudulent writing, nobody with a badge and handcuffs is interested. Perhaps this is why the VA lies with such alacrity. An associated question involves the secret code the first sergeant would put on discharge papers so the Veterans' Administration would treat the vet like dirt. While the VA promised to end this despicable denial of due process, it would explain the shabby way I have been treated by them. How would one determine if this shameful practice is involved? As an aside, although I won the claim I appealed it took ten years. Since I don't reasonably expect to live another decade, I would be happier if some of the true scum at the Veterans' Administration spent some time behind bars. And yes, I am aware the changed their name, the crooks can use any alias they want, they are still the same old Veterans' Administration.

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