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  1. Good morning. I retired in 06 and finally put my claim in around 07. I was rated at 80% in 09 and received all retro pay within about 2 months. I was then diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and was given 30% for that which bumped me to 90% with the VA math. With MS, there comes a slew of other issues, which my NYS Service Representative helped me put in for. I was rated at 100% in April 2012, and started getting paid at that rate in October 12. I received all but $2000.00 of my retro and "they" said it would be coming once DFAS works their magic to make sure I would not get over paid due to the retirement pay. I called DFAS in March 13, and very nice gentleman told me they released the money back to the VA in December 12. I then called the the VA, and was told they are very busy and your claim is very important to us, but it could take up to year :) (still waiting) In the grand scheme of things, my situation is minor, because I am getting paid at 100% and there are those that have been waiting a ridiculous amount of time for what they are owed, but it sure would help spoil my grandchildren :). I hope your pay gets resolved soon :) Tami
  2. Yes, they did, but that was prior to me being diagnosed with MS
  3. Thank you all for your kind words! Tami
  4. I haven't posted on the site in quite a while but I have read and taken much advice from the wonderful people on this board, and I wanted to say thank you thank you thank you!!!!! I checked ebenefits this morning and my claim has been awarded at 100%, permanent and total. I was rated initially at 80% after retiring from USAFA, then got diagnosed with MS 3 yrs ago. I received 30% for the MS which brought me to 90%, and in March of this year I applied for an increase. I am quite impressed that it only took 6 months for a decision. Once again, thank you all for the time and effort you take in helping, it is greatly appreciated! Tami
  5. Hello! I've not posted often nor in a while, but I have MS and am a retired vet. I was rated at 30% for the MS, although I am at 90% total. The thing about MS is you have to apply for EVERYTHING that goes along with MS separately, which I did not know at the time I put in for it. (working on that now) You should definitely put in for the hearing aspect, MS can affect your hearing as well as your eyesight, and many with MS also have Meniere's disease/syndrome. I really don't think they understand enough about how this disease can affect your life, or the initial rating would be different. Things change DAILY with MS, and there is always that fear and likelihood that there will be a severe permanently disabling occurrence. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or just want to talk to someone Tami
  6. So does that mean if I am rated at 100% for one ailment, I would still be at 90%?
  7. Thanks for your replies... I will probably go ahead and file an appeal. I am looking for an increase because the dizziness and falling is a lot worse and with the MS on top of it, I don't know how much longer I can work outside the home. I don't want IU because I have to quit working all together.
  8. Good morning and thank you! I am relatively new here and have been helped here before so I am looking for more advice! I am currently rated at 90% (60 meniere's, 30 each for MS, asthma, and migraine, 10 for numbness l foot 10 for right foot) gosh I look like a mess on paper! I put in for an increase for the Meniere's and got the envelope yesterday which denied the increase. I don't have it in front of me, but it basically says it was denied because, even though I do get dizzy most every day, usually at night, that I didn't say that I had more "cerebellar gait", which I assumed was a given. (I know, I know) Should I file an appeal and present more evidence, that yes, I do in fact lean, if not fall to one side when I get dizzy,or should I file a NOD? or do I just leave it be Thank you for your help, Tami
  9. I was recently diagnosed with MS, after about 6-7 years looking for an answer. It is a very difficult disease to diagnose because it mimics so many other diseases. I am service connected and currently rated at 30% for MS (90% overall) I would suggest going to a "civilian" doctor if you have access/insurance. They may be able to hopefully properly diagnose. Although it really, really sucks to have the disease, it is almost a relief to have an answer, and that it is not "all in your head". The VA definitely didn't diagnose me, and i don't think they would ever have, it was me having an excellent neurologist who diagnosed me and sent me for 2 second opinions. They gave un-refutable evidence. ( I think 30% is ridiculously low but I am working on that.) MS IS a huge puzzle and as soon as you put one piece in the right spot, you find another empty one:) I hope you get the answer to your illness. The sooner you start therapy the better. Tami
  10. Good afternoon everyone. I was recently awarded sc for Multiple Sclerosis, which bumped me from 80% to 90%. Unfortunately, I had not found this site prior to putting in my request so I wasn't aware I needed to put all of the fun stuff that comes with MS on my paperwork, which I am in the process of doing now. I recently received paperwork from VA stating they are working on my request for IU, which I DID NOT request. Please correct me if I am wrong, but if I get approved for IU, that means I CAN NOT work, therefore, they would most likely deny me VOC rehab? (I am currently working) I was also under the impression that in order for me to be eligible for IU, I would have to be rated on the disability with the highest rating? I called the 800# ( i know, I know) and I am even more confused, as he told me that could still work, but i couldn't be gainfully employed, but he really couldn't explain that to me I am sorry if I don't make sense( its part of MS ) any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I know I will eventually have to stop working because it is draining, but I would rather it be schedular so I still have that option. 60% Meniere's 30% Multiple Sclerosis 30% Asthma 30% Migraine 10% numbness L foot 10% numbness R foot Thank you Tami
  11. tami

    Rated For Ms

    Berta, I am currently working, Luckily my MS isn't that bad that I can't, that and my bosses are extremely understanding of the disease and my needs. I feel blessed they are that way,because I've worked where they weren't. My other issues that brought me to 80% are Meniere's syndrome 60%, Asthma 30%, migraine 30% and numbness in both feet, 10% each. Most likely the migraine and definitely the feet are directly related to the MS, and possibly the Meniere's. You are very right in saying symptoms can be misdiagnosed. I have probably had it for at least ten years, 6 of those years while still active duty. Betty, thank you :)
  12. tami

    Rated For Ms

    Thanks kaykay, thank you for your service and I am sorry you have SPMS, and hopefully they will be quick with your exams. It was about 7 weeks after my exam that I was rated for the MS. I will definitely file for those other issues
  13. tami

    Rated For Ms

    Berta, I hadn't requested the IU, but they sent the form with the packet... I'm not sure what I am going to do yet. I think I need to speak with someone in the know on my options... I am starting to get overwhelmed:)
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