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  1. You need to change your rank or your branch of service.


  2. Bronc, I posted in another's post, but added my 2008 request for EED on my P&T rating. Currently dated 2015 (date of the C&P), but felt it should have been 2008 (date of the claim that was granted). Shows closed on eBenefits, and no change in date. At what point do I get a lawyer?? Now I'm confused and frustrated all over again!!
  3. So, I had an appeal sitting since 2008 (request for EED). I sent in my form and now the appeal shows closed on eBenefits. No change in the date of the issue granted, though and no back-pay. Waiting to see what actually happened, if anything. I'll post when I see/hear something.
  4. So sorry to hear about TB - the ads on TV aren't there for nothing. Also, regardless of who prescribed your Humira, the fact that it works on both diseases (one in the same, really) should be what counts. Have you stopped taking the Humira due to the TB?
  5. I have psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis. It took several years for the VA to recognize the PsA and the level of acute symptoms. When were you diagnosed? Did you have any symptoms while on active duty? Also, when did you notice the start of psoriasis outbreaks? Mine were relatively close together, and PsA was rated separately from psoriasis. I thought this was odd, but either way was happy with the rating. I ended up having to provide the documents that linked PsA directly to psoriasis (believe me, I thought this was stupid). The C&P doc also documented the comorbidity of psoriasis and PsA
  6. I know this is an old topic, but I am wondering what the results have been for those that have had bathrooms modified due to service-connected conditions? I have severe bouts of arthritis and the only real help at times is soaking for long periods in a tub of hot water. The problem is, when I'm in bad shape I can't get in and out of a tub very easily and the water isn't deep enough to cover me (I'm not a very large person, mind you). I also have real trouble opening door knobs, milk bottles, etc. Can anyone offer their experiences with asking the VA for help? Thanks!
  7. I don't know if you can waive your right to appeal. Appeals are a part of due process. As I understand it, it simply waives consideration of the full 30 days required after material is submitted and when decisions can be made. If you have nothing else to submit, you (used to) submit a request for immediate processing without waiting 30 days as there would be no more evidence offered within the 30 days.
  8. I noticed it today and clicked it in response to two remand "pending decision approval" status notifications. We'll see what happens....
  9. Rating was included in the colon resection rating, but still acknowledged as service connected. This is at least a positive outcome. No C&P for the remanded issues yet, though. No SSOC for GERD either.
  10. Great points, guys. I always presumed that notes by themselves would influence a decision when the VA records were pulled. Having a direct statement is even better.
  11. Also, consider that the VARO may request records from your providers within the VA system through the VA system. Not directly, but through their notes in your file. I've downloaded my notes, etc. and am amazed that they are pretty much verbatim of what was discussed in the office, a review of my history, etc. I have found no real discrepancies.
  12. PR: I'm sure that was a dream come true. He must have really had his ducks in a row for a FDC to produce 100% P&T.
  13. Congrats on the retro. Enjoy and spend/save wisely.
  14. Navy, Have you had any motion on your FDC yet? I noticed the date as I recently submitted a FDC online - just curious.
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