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  1. Thank you Berta, I think ill go see the guy who helped me file them and see about re-opening the claim.
  2. Hello all I'm looking for some advice and I apologize now if this is in the wrong place. I’ve been rated for 30 % PTSD back in 2008, and have been going to regular monthly meetings with the counselor at my local VA as well as seeing the doctor. Over the course of the last five years I have been on different types of medication etc. but recently I’ve found out what conditions they are treating due to the blue button download on the VA website. Turns out they are treating me for Schizophrenia and Bi-polar. As well as depression and all that stuff. Would it be worth filing for a re-evaluation?
  3. Hi all im prolly not posting in the right spot but if anyone out there can give me some direction i would be thankfull. as of right now i have a 60 % rateing 30% for ptsd but as of recently my va dr has been treating me for a phyc disorder and has been prescribing me a drug called quetiapine so i did some reaserch on it to find out what it is used for and low and behold its given to treat Bipolor and Schizophrenia. with that being said seeing that they are treating me for that do i file a new claim on top of the ptsd claim? any info would be great if anyone could kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place at the momment. TY
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