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    hello, My name is michelle, aka Chelle--I am retired from the Navy since 2004. I have been extremely fortunate to have been guided to the hadit site shorly after my retirement in 2005 by another veteran who told me that there are very knowledgeable people here at hadit that would see to it that I received the sc disability ratings that I deserve. So, I am a fan of the hadit family b/c when I started my retirement journey I was recieved a total sc rating of 30%. I used the hadit.com site to conduct my research, open my ears and eyes --and THANKS to all of the reliable, accurate information on this site, after writing many letters, going through many comp and pen exams--am now at 90% with TDIU. I am an avid reader--now since OCT 2009 sc rating of 90% finally able to breathe a little easier (in between my asthma treatments:) and not worry so much. I have empathy for all veterans who are entering or going through the process of winning their VA SC awards and will help anyone I can. Forgive my spelling and rambling--I like many others here have cognitive concentration issues along with PTSD. I would like to say THANK YOU to the hadit family (Berta and T-Bird among everyone in the Hadit. family) for all of your information and encouragement. I am one of your success stories--and reiterate I will help anyone that I can. Blessings Chelle

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