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  1. I am the widow of a Nam vet posthumously rated 100% for three disabilities and 60% for a fourth disability. Words can never express my profound appreciation to HADIT for the valuable information,guidance ,and anonymous emcouragement I found at this site. Thank God for leading me to your site. Actually, I stumbled upon this site by God's grace. My husband (April, 2002), learned about compensation for DMII. He made an informal claim for DMII at a VA clinic. Clinic administrators gave him a checklist of items that he needed to file a claim but never sent him the claim forms for compensation. They did give him a claim form for applying for medical benefits. VA placed him in category 7 due to his income in August 2002. It appears that they disregarded the facts that he had DMII which led to renal failure that required dialysis three times per week. They never sent an application for compensation for DMII and secondary disabilities. Soon after he began making inquiries about compensation, he underwent a kidney transplant and suffered a heart attack and a massive stroke in Sept 2002. He was hospitalized for 75 days. He was totally dependent upon me for daily living activities after that. His memory was wiped out. He had no recollection of having ever applied for compensation. Due to my lack of knowledge, I assumed that since he was denied medical benefits, he was not entitled to compensation due to DMII either. In 2005, someone told me that my husband should be entitled to compensation due to DMII and secondary disabilities. I formally applied for compensation on his behalf in July, 2005. I sent my only documentation of his informal intent to file a claim dated in August 2002 with the application. He went for his C&P Exams in January, 2006. My husband passed away due to his disabilities in October, 2006. Not knowing that the "Claim dies with the veteran", I continued to wait for a decision on the claim. Finally, I made an inquiry through IRIS in March, 2007. That triggered an application sent by VARO for accured benefits and DIC, which were ultimately awarded in March, 2008. VA totally ignored his informal claim for DMII dating back to 2002, and awarded a low-ball figure based on his 2005 claim. Is there a way for me to file for an EED based on his 2002 claim? Or can I file a CUE claim based upon the fact that VA never sent a formal application for compensation in 2002? Any info that you can give on this matter is appreciated. You will probably never know how many claims that you have helped others win through this site just by people reading anonymously and otherwise. I did not use any vet organization. I certainly credit the good Lord and you for my claim being awarded because of the wise and astute info that your site provides. You are a blessing to veterans and their families!!! Please advise on the EED issue dating back to 2002. God Bless each and every one of you!
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