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  1. My father is 100% disability NOT pension and lives in a medicare/medicaid nursing home. For 3 years they have NEVER asked about if my father gets VA benifits. I jus got a letter this week for their yearly assessment for medicare and NOW they ask if he gets veterans benifits?? I said no and they sent me a letter back and said that they show hehas for 3 years now and was never reported. THEY NEVER ASKED he gets NO 1099 he is 100% permanent disabled compensation NOT pension. Can they take his Disability????? Need an answere asap if they can. Thanks guys.
  2. Yes you are P&T congrats and spend smart!
  3. Thanks to all for the kind responses. I hope everyone here reaches the goal they set out to get. Hang in there, have patience and don't ever give up! NEVER CHIEU HOI
  4. Yes everything P & T Thanks Berta
  5. I don't know what I am going to with myself? I finally received my 100% plus my 60% for housebound. Been a long journey. Special shout out to T-Bird and Carlie who always encouraged me to hang in there and fight the good fight. I did just that and finally won. Thanks all that helped. Oh by the way, a nice little Retro for the housebound!!! Special note to all who have been asking if they have to file for the House Bound. NO Once I got to the 100 plus 60 they gave it to me automatic, did not have to file or ask for it.
  6. And you know this HOW?? Amazing broncovet how much you know about the VA system??????????
  7. Question: Lets say the DRO rules/decides in your favor for your appeal. Does the DRO rate it or does it have to go on to a rater? Thanks in advance, Chu
  8. Thanks T Hey how is the new companion doing? Everything work our ok for ya on that?
  9. Thanks Carlie, was not sure but thought so. Hope your doing ok?
  10. Can a veteran recieve 2 100% ratings for 2 different SC'ed problems? I know you can only be compensated for 1. But can you have two 100% ratings?
  11. Watching you in the waiting room?? Watching you when you leave?? Really?? So they have people sneaking around watching everyone? Come on people!! Remind me to never go to your VAMAC!!! Have never heard that but if its true, now that's lower then low!!!!!! But I guess that is possible. That's not kewl at all!!
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