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  1. thankyou very much B) this is a great website. very informative. i ran into it while looking for something else. i will pass this site on to other soldiers
  2. B) oops, sorry, i had no idea what the % was about(how do i change that?) i am not receiving any benefits at the moment. i come off active duty orders 13 May 2010. i will start a claim before i come off of active duty. I am in the National Guard. I was on Title 10 OIF/OEF for 7+years. Goal? as soon as my orders are up, i am switching over to the Army Reserves.
  3. if so, what was the percentage? I have all of the evidence. someone was nice enough to send me a copy of the soldiers article 15. his punishment ending up being a joke. 16 days after his article 15 he was promoted because the crime was put into a restricted fiche. i am writing a presidential about this situation now. also does anyone know a good attorney who is not afraid to sue the govt under the invasion of Privacy Act of 1974. My former 1st SGT told other soldiers, yes it got back to me. also what happened to me was put in a log book at the MP station. a soldier who knew me asked me if i was okay, i said yes, then asked why. he then told me about what he had read in the log book about my situation. since this is a two part question, i will ask it again separate thanks

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