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  1. I received a decison in dated January 21, 2010 granting service connection for Bilateral Patella Femoral Syndrome of the Knees with a 0 percent evaluation effective March 5, 2003, which is the date my claim was reopened. It is rated analagous under 5261(Leg, Limitation of Extension of). The last C&P Exam radiology report included: Report: (Right Knee)Mild spur formation of the patella noted. No joint fluid noted. Narrowing of the patellofemoral joint also not. (Left Knee)Mild spur formation of patella noted. no joint fluid noted. Narrowing of patellofemoral joint noted along the lateral segment. Impression: Mild spur formation of bilateral pafellofemoral joints noted. No significant arthritis. Primary Diagnostic Code: NO SIGNIFICANT ABNORMALITY PHYSICAL EXAMINATION RANGE OF MOTION for Bilateral knees are: ACTIVE MOTION AGAINST GRAVITY: 0 to 120 Degrees Pain Begins At: 120 Degrees Pain Ends At: 100 Degrees PASSIVE ROM: 0 to 120 Degrees Pain Begins At: 120 Degrees Pain Ends At: 100 Degrees ROM AGAINST STRONG RESISTANCE: 0 to 120 Degrees Pain Begins At: 120 Degrees Pain Ends At: 100 ADDITIONAL LOM ON REPETITIVE USE: Yes LOM ON REPETITIVE USE: 0 to 100 Degrees FACTOR MOST RESPONSIBLE FOR ADDITIONAL LOM: Pain SUMMARY OF GENERAL JOINT CONDITIONS CONDITION: (Bilateral) - Crepitus, Edema, Painful Movement, Guarding of Movement CLICKS OR SNAPS: (Bilateral) - Yes Should I be entitled to compensation for x-ray evidence of arthritis, even though not signifcant, with limitation of motion even though the limitation of motion is noncompensable. Also, with functional loss, when you apply 38 C.F.R sections 4.40, 4.45, and 4.59(Painful Motion), should I be entitled to the least minimum compensable rating for the joint with limitation of motion. PLEASE HELP ME? My bilateral knee condtion has been diagnosed as: Bilateral Medial Collateral & SubPatella Strain - (Army Physician Jan. 1998) Popping Bilateral Knees - (Army Physician May 1998) Patella Femoral Sydrome with Enthesopathy - (Private Physician May and Nov. 2002) Right Knee Degeneration in Medial Meniscus/Bone Island in femur - (Private Physician Jan. 2003) Patella Tendonitis - (VA Exam. Dec. 2003) Degenerative Joint Disease - (Private Physician Jul. 2004)

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