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  1. Hi , To follow up with my claim , I got my award letter last month and they dropped my IU claim and granted me 100% total and Permanant, We now have our ID cards and my family is Champva insured. I have no future exams set up. My battle with th VA is finally over.
  2. Hi Everyone. My name is Mike and I live in the very small town of Cullman Alabama. I spent 12 years in the Active Army and my MOS was a 19D after reclassing from a 63M. I have been married nearly 11 years and have a 4 year old son. My disability rating is a total and permant 80% and a temp rating of 100% all service connected. I have worked with the Alabama VA and can help others with questions and issues to the best of my ability, If i dont know then I will tell you so. I was also in the chapter 31 program and have completed work study programs with the VA. I love to fish and would everyday if I could , I live on Smith Lake and enjoy my surrondings. I cant walk and I have had to overcome some issues but I am fast tracking to beating the odds and do what the docs said i couldnt. My only advice is to never give up with the VA , keep fighting and look for ways around the red tape. Looking forward to discussing issues with you all and thanks for taking the time to read my intro. Mike
  3. Hi and Thanks to everyone for replying. I got a call this morning from my VARO and was told they have rated more disabilities and I will be getting a letter anyday now. I was told my my VARO that I will be getting to IU and its just waiting to be authorized , it was rated yesterday. I am not sure till I get the letter what they rated each disability becuase I have been on 100% Temp. and havent noticed the change. I was told by claims that I had been taken care of and not to worry. Mongomery has been really good to me as well as the Alabama VA. Not sure about other states but as far as Alabama goes , I think I have become a pro at the claims process here and how it works as well as how to get around certain procedures. I was lucky to have a Great VSO that was actually concerned about me and my family. I will update on the ratings as soon as my brown envelope arrrives , heres what I know for certain : Anxitey/ Depression : 70% Muscle Wasting right Leg : 30% Amputation Temp : 100% Temp. Rating (Permant ) Amputation : ? Reflex Sympethetic Dystrophy Class II : ? I have copies of all my C&P Exams and they are all favorable to my claims for increase.
  4. Hi, A little background on me and my claim. I am 80% with the VA. I have had a partial right foot amputation and have been on 100% Temp. for 3 years with a 1 month break in each years. Myself and my VSO have been working with the state side of claims with my claim. Back in Feb.2010 the reginonal office sent word to my VSO to have me complete the IU paperwork and submit the claim (this was the RO idea ). I have already completed the C&P exam and my regional office has got the C&P report back and is evaluating it. Today I went to the B'ham VAMC and got a copy of my medical records and it had my C&P exam in it. I reviewed the C&P exam and this was a Gen. Med exam for unemployability and the Doctors exact words on the exam summary is "Due to this condition, Veteran is fully unemployable for Physical or Sedentary Labor ". That would seem like i should get it based of her report from the C&P exam but my question is , I am only rated on 30% for the RSD disability and 70% on another disability , They have not even rated the amputation as of yet. Can they still give me IU on a 30% disability even if the doctors and the C&P examiner say it is 100% disabling me and I cant work ? I am confused here and not sure what to expect, This IU claim was advised to me by my RG. Office. I am in Alabama
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