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  1. Donna

    Nehmer Class Retro Pay For Ao/ihd Effective Date

    It is the date you became a claimant not the date you became a patient. It is the date you filed a claim not the DX date. We all wish it was otherwise, but it is what it is. If you filed a claim for anything in the past and in that claim there is evidence of IHD, they could inferr the date of filing that claim as the EED of the IHD claim.
  2. Donna

    Ihd Iris Response 11/22/2010

    10 to 40 days usually= 2 weeks!
  3. My husband has a previously denied claim (2006) and received the VCAA asking for any new evidence to support his claim. We sent in new evidence since the denial and copy of the denial letter. We were asked to send everything to the Nehmer Division in Muskogee Oklahoma. Sounds like they are moving. I would gather everything new that you have to support your claim and get it to them within the 30 days, check the box I have provided everything and have them get on with it. Good luck. Oh and be sure to write your case number on the top of each page you send them, keep a copy for yourself and mail rigistered for proof it was mailed and received.
  4. Donna

    Lets Not Forget We Are All Vietnam Vets

    I agree we should inform every Vet we come across. My husband and I met a Vet with prostate cancer, he had lost his job and was paying all his medical costs out of pocket. When we first talked to him, he wanted nothing to do with the VA. We kept talking, offerred to go with him to the local VSO. We got his parents involved and with all the coaxing and encouragement he finally went. Long story short, he filed and was awarded 100%. We stopped by the other day and he was raving about how well they are treating him and how nice they have been to him. Not all RO's and clnics are the same, but the one in Tulsa and Muskogee are great. When my ex husband was in the Muskogee hospital and was refusing help because of PTSD and alcholism, I emailed Jim Strickland about him and I called a VSO on the hospital floor to please go see him and see if they could talk him into seeking more help. Ex-husband, but still another Viet Nam Vet and a human being that my daughter's were extremely worried about. We should all lend a hand and I hope you all get every penny and help you deserve. Almost here Vets.
  5. The press will often report their feelings on a matter, not the opinion of the American people. Ignore the negative press. You all deserve every penny and more. Take your compensation proudly and make your lives easier and happier.
  6. Donna

    Head Nehmer Coordinator

    In my husband's denial letter of 2006, it states he did claim IHD/CAD, he is confirmed as being diagnosed with this disease and does habe a defibrillator implant. It states he claimed it was due to AO exposure and they confirm he did serve in Viet Nam and is presumed to be exposed. It was denied in 2006 for not being SC. The claim is now being reviewed under Nehmer. The TDIU was inferred which should be moot since the AICD should warrant a 100% rating...we will see. If the rating comes back less than 100%, he wil be filing a NOD not a TDIU. TDIU is now being inferred if the evidence submitted indicates the Veteran in unemployable due to his SC illness.
  7. Donna

    Head Nehmer Coordinator

    It is a letter informing you your claim is being reviewed as a Nehmer claim. It is also a VCAA to provide more evidence to support your claim. It is also a dependent status update. Names addresses of your children also birthdates etc. We were to mail it back to the Nehmer Division in Muskogee Ok. Kept copies of everything and mailed it return receipt. Marriage license and birth certificates were turned in at the time of the filing of the original claim in 2006. My husband has not been called in for a C&P. Maybe because he has a AICD implant and that may be all the evidence they need??? He also got another VCAA informing him there is a TDIU filed on his behalf and a C&P exam for his hearing which is currently 10%. I think Muskogee is one the RO's that is handling Nehmer Claims.
  8. They don't like the law, change it. Shinseki followed the law to the "T". If they don't like the rules of the game, change them. But this game has been played and is over. this is a done deal.
  9. Donna

    Head Nehmer Coordinator

    Mailed my husband's Nehmer Review Packet back August 25th also back to 2006.
  10. Donna

    Inferred Tdiu

    He would not fit into the criteria right now. He is 10% hearing loss and denied IHD back in 2006. Waiting for the IHD to be re-adjudicated. AICD implant in 2004. Thanks
  11. Donna

    Inferred Tdiu

    My husband received another VCAA informing him they were working on a claim for TDIU. He never filed a TDIU. Upon further investigation through our VSO and Jim Strickland, we found out: When the VA receives a claim for a disabling disease that is now presumtive, if there is sufficient evidence included that the Vet is unable to work due to this disease, a TDIU will be generated by the VA and adjudicated together. We did not fill out the TDIU request because my husband has a AICD implant and should be rated 100%, therefore making the TDIU moot. Checked the box, no other evidence, please decide my claim in 30 days. If the rating comes back less than 100&, will be working on a NOD, not a TDIU. This change will help Vets with an expectation of a rating 60-90%....wanted to pass it on.
  12. Donna

    Head Nehmer Coordinator

    That is good news that you have been notified you are a Nehmer case. We received the same notice per Iris and about 2 weeks later, received a Nehmer packet asking for a VCAA ( any new evidence) and a dependent status update. We were told to return it to a Nehmer Division in Muskogee OK.
  13. Already been notified it is Nehmer.
  14. Donna

    Anyone Denied For Ao

    Thank-you Berta!! We sent all this in to them in April and we also included the fact that my husband has a AICD implant. You are a great American for helping all these Vets. We have been notified his claim is under a Nehmer review, but no C&P yet. His C file is heavily documented that he has had IHD since 1994 with the same cardiologist treating him. SSDI in 2004 and AICD implant in 2004. Claim submitted and denied in 2006. Now this 60 day wait...ugh...I remember the torture of the SSDI wait, his company would not let him take medical retirement unless he was declared disabled by SS. We lived on short term disability for a year and my salary. Big cut in pay. We learned to live very frugally and we still do.
  15. I need clarfication please, in reading the CRA, I read it as the payments will be held up for 60 calendar days and total CRA for the purpose of getting a Resolution to stop the rule (no support for this) is 60 Congressional days or days they are "in session" If they were to call for a vote for a Resolution to stop the rule from going into effect and the resolution was voted down, it would end the CRA period. What about the money being held? The money is already appropriated but being held for 60 calendar days right?

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