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  1. :D Two things, the second of which is big news for me … 1.In response to your question, I have not taken an Agent Orange test. I guess I should ask about that when I get into the VA system. 2. I got a call today from DAV telling me that they have been advised that the VA has decided on my claim. You could have knocked me over with a feather: 20% for DMII, 10% for Peripheral Neuropathy for each of my four limbs for a total of 50% using VA math. The IHD situation is deferred until they have a reg on that later this year. I was told I would get a packet of info from the VA including the formal determination in a week or two and that I would later get a check paying me back to Feb '09 when the informal claim was made by the DAV. My paperwork for the VBA-21-526 didn't go in until Jan '10 which is why I'm so amazed (and delighted) at the speed of the determination To say I was amazed by the speed of the decision is an understatement. The outstanding issues remain whether I will get anything additional for IHD but that, as another person said, is a happy situation given how well my body has coped with exercise, drugs, diet to return me to a clean stress test two years ago from a clear stress test and angiogram failure ten years ago. The other question will still relate to whether my symptoms reflect ED or just another extension of neuropathy to my 'fifth limb'. Any kibitzing on the IHD or ED is welcomed, but I'm past the big hurdle. In summary, thanks to all who help here and I hope I can 'pay it forward' too.
  2. B) I just completed two C&P exams, one for DMII and IHD, the second for PN. I have questions for anyone with prior experience about what to expect and also some specific questions. 1. Re DMII, the cardiologist ordered a HbA1C test. Since I am on meds for DMII, what would that prove? If I am now in the 'normal' range due to meds would they try to back off the 20%(Metformin) to a lower disability? 2. Re heart disease, my last nuclear stress test did not show ischemia and I was able to get well over 10 METs before showing irregularities. Ten years ago, I was a mess on the stress test and an angiogram showed 100% blockage of right coronary artery, 50% circumflex and 40% LCA. No stents were done. Ten years of drinking my homemade red wine, exercise, and a cocktail of drugs (statins, niaspan, metorpolol and altace) have made me almost fine. My guess is that they'll rate me either 10% (because of all the meds) or 0%. Anyone want to weigh in? 3. Re the PN, the neurologist did all the sensitivity tests with sharp sticks, etc and said I was positive for PN. He also said that the clinical test was all that was needed and that EMGs, etc weren't necessary. Will that likely mean 10% for each extremity for a total of 40% or what? The cardiologist, a female asked me if I had ED. I said no. In truth I can have an erection but I feel absolutely nothing, nada. Would that count as ED? Thanks in advance to any brothers or sisters who can kibitz on any of the above. PS VN, central Highlands,67-68, Jerry

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